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By Ketron
Pete , you ( like the rest of us ) have to make allowances for Mrs Nelson .
She constantly talks in riddles , and most of the time , we haven't a clue as to what she's on about !
The only conselation is ...Mrs Nelson hasn't a clue what she's on about either . :lol: :lol: :lol:
I know this about mrs May

Her area has opened its first food bank, the schools in her area are begging parents to supply basic stuff like pens and glue due to her governments cuts.

I know this about you Duncan, back in the day you would be outraged, now you are “ let them eat cake. “ ... y-10802192 ... responsive

Furthermore, back in the day, if I popped in to your barbers for a trim and offered payment in Six weeks then offered it in 5 you would not be happy,

With old age age comes hypocrisy and contempt maybe ?

As for pete, I’m sure anything interesting about him could fit on the back of a stamp

By old boy
Mrs Nelson, you may not be aware of this, but budget shortages in schools have been going on for decades. One of my daughters in law, after graduating with her teaching degree over twenty years ago, got he first job as a primary school teacher in a primary school in Hertfordshire.

She was asked to attend a day's briefing prior to the beginning of the new school year, at which she was informed that due to budget constraints that she would be expected to provide pens, paper and other student requirements at her own expense; she was never reimbursed for any of her outlays in the year that she stayed there. The following September she was recruited to teach at a private school, where she was not only paid nearly double the salary, but she was also not required to fund the purchase of materials for the pupils.

But to be fair, a lot of these budgetary problems are the responsibility of the school heads. She is now a teacher in a state school up north, and the head teacher manages the budget responsibly meaning that all basic requirements are met. It's a good, well run school from where my granddaughter (and now my grandson) went on to the local grammar school, and she achieved 10 very good passes at GCSE, and is now studying for her A levels.
By old boy
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:17 pm
Rape and murder have been going on for ages old boy, however that does not make it acceptable does it.

I don't claim that it is acceptable. My point was that this is not something new, and maybe it is the particular school/s that need to be closely examined to see that it/they are being managed well.

Another point that needs to be made, as well. Head teachers have, for donkeys' years, been asking for more autonomy and less centralised control (via the County Councils). This has been in place for a few years now having been introduced during the coalition government's time in office, and it is therefore the responsibility of the heads to ensure that the students' needs are met from the budget that is set.

At the moment, it is evident that certain schools within a budgetary control area are struggling whilst their opposite numbers in the same area are managing well on the same budgetary terms. In essence, it all comes down to the management skills of the different school head teachers. And they are paid pretty well for the task, too. Most of them are on six figure salaries, with some of them getting paid more than the PM.
Thanks old boy, we are drifting too much here

CAn I ask you a simple question,

Are you in the same camp as brother ketron? Despite the increase in food banks and the homelessness problems etc etc, he thinks the tories are doing a great job, let’s not even mention the brexit fiasco. So do you think may and co are doing a good job and my criticism is unfair ?


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