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By Jimbo1916
Hand on my heart........I hope this forum continues.

I`ve been singing the praises of this forum and it`s owner and moderator, Gary since 2004, and I`ve had to put up with a lot of shit and sly innuendos because of it, and yes it will be a sad day for many people if it closes, including myself.

Despite crowing from other forums, this was and still is the best forum on the Costa Blanca. Other expat forums have always looked at us with a grudging envy and of course some are populated by members who have been given a swift kick up the jacksie from here, but still clamour to get back on, only to get another swift kick back off again.

The reason it`s been a success is because of you guys and of course the fair and robust moderation by Gary.

Unfortunately politics has ruined a once great forum, something I know you`ll agree on, and maybe if Gary had shoved anything remotely political in the proper section then things would have been better. I think they would have.

You only have to read the comments by Old Boy, Kinchy, Burrababa and many more to see how gifted this forum is with intelligent, articulate contributors....It`s noticeable that they mainly seem to be right wing.... :wink: Well there you go, politics raises it`s ugly head once again. :D

Under various guises, this forum has been part of my life for thirteen years. I`ve found and lost friendships. I`ve had extensions built, satellite systems installed, swimming pools installed, walls built , gardens landscaped, carpets fitted...the list is endless, as I`m sure it is for a lot of you guys.

So fingers crossed. x
By PeteKnight
I think the problem I should that the forum isn’t moderated properly. Most serious threads get dragged off-topic in a grey short space of time and then turn into the old crowd throwing personal insults at each other
Entire threads, or whole swathes of posts within a thread will disappear without any comment from the moderators as to why, and what’s deleted often isn’t the stuff that’s causing a problem. It seems like the moderators have their own personal axes to grind and use their privileges inappropriately.

Clearly some people use multiple identities, and most of the discussions seem to be about who is pretending to be whom. It’s not difficult for the owner to crack down on this, by monitoring IP addresses, but clearly that’s not being done.

The sad thing is that the forum is a really useful resource to many people, but it’s been allowed to fall into ‘disrepair’ by the owner. I’ve seen a few discussions about the forum being up for sale, but to me the brand is now without any real value. Anyone wishing to run a forum like this would be better starting from scratch, to get away from the negative reputation that the forum seems to have established for itself. I’d be sad to see the forum go, but it it survives I’d like to see it clean itself up and reach its full potential.

I actively contribute to a couple of other local forums, which both have their advantages and disadvantages.
I was a member of the other Torre forum for a while - the one where you have to pay an annual subscription. Ironically, that forum is over moderated and after a couple of snotty emails from the owner I told him where he could stich his annual subscription!
It’s a difficult balance to get right, and I don’t think that this or the other Torre forum have got it right.

By cameron
I was one of the first members but unfortunately when I moved to Spain we didn’t have internet for 18 months so had to re-join as I couldn’t remember my password. Several times a day I checked the site for information, also one called Costa Blanca Expats which sadly closed down when the moderator died. We also set one up for the area we were moving to which is still running 14 years later although I don’t moderate it now. I think all sites are invaluable to people embarking on their very own adventure. Banter is ok as long as it doesn’t go too far.
By kenbowns
I joined this forum in the early days in 2004, I still log in a couple of times a day, I have never been a prolific poster but contribute when I feel that I can add something and I think that would sum up many members over the years.
This forum has provided many people with useful information and in some cases valuable help ( me included ).
In the early days there was so many characters on here, quite often I would pmsl, it was addictive in a way but sadly the atmosphere started to change , nice people asking for help were ridiculed for no reason and so the decline started, in some cases it became personal and nasty to such an extent that these good people just left and left us with a few daily posters.
I know and speak to quite a few of the ex posters and many of them lay the demise of the forum at just a few of our members but the OP of this thread is the culprit most often mentioned and that is just a fact not speculation.
Not sure how many of you will read this before it is pulled ?
Personally I would love this forum to continue but with better moderation of the chief culprits, not sure that this would be possible though.
By jimny1
I dont think its just the forum that has changed, its the people and their attitudes
We live in an era where selfishness and greed dominates , this generation is a prime example, with material things overtaking simple pleasures and kindness to fellow human beings diminishing
You only have to turn on the news to see what is happening in the world
Unfortunately the older generation are dragged down to the same level,where one upmanship is the norm
When i take a step back its what i see and things can only get worse in my opinion
By Eve07
This forum has been dominated by political rubbish being posted in the wrong section even though there is a politics section. For allowing this to develop, I believe the owner has shot himself in the foot by not ensuring certain topics went in the right sections.

Another reason this forum, which once was full of life, good banter and fun, has died is because one member was allowed to abuse, threaten and criticise anyone they didn’t agree with. The owner allowed this to continue and banned most who stood up to this member while others who were abused just left.

There was a time when this forum was one of the first sites I looked at every morning and last thing at night and probably during the day as well. Now I look in every 3 or 4 days but there is seldom anything of interest to read or contribute to.

There was a time when I would have missed this forum if it was gone but for a long time now it wouldn't matter.

I read soapydave’s post which was spot on but I presume because the owner / moderator was mentioned in a negative way, it got deleted.

This post will probably go to the same grave as soapydaves. :)
By chet
I agree with everything you say Eve07. I very rarely contribute anything now for fear of being shot down by certain people. Surely we can have sensible debate and differing opinions with resorting to bullying and name calling.
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By sueh21
This will be my last two penneth. This forum was the only thing we ever had, back in the early 2000`s. Lots of friends were made, meetings and get togethers, including lots of alcohol.........................:-) But now, because of the OP`s, crap towards everyone he doesn`t agree with, we are now on another social media, so we can still be in touch. The OP wanted to be friends with all of us on the social media, but over time deleted every one of us......................Such is life.....................!!
By old boy
Mrs Nelson, you are trying to debate rationally with a poster who's had more come backs than I can recall. His modus operandi is a give away.
By Jimbo1916
It could have been worse, although not by much.

Just read this on another forum.

" He is a gnats cock above plankton "

What kind of thick dumb arse comes up with stuff like that. :lol:
By cameron
It is a shame that 2 or 3 posters have spoilt it for everybody. Where will they go next as they obviously have to have something to keep themselves occupied? Being a keyboard warrior must be so exciting for them as they have nothing else in their lives.
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