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By sueh21
This will be my last two penneth. This forum was the only thing we ever had, back in the early 2000`s. Lots of friends were made, meetings and get togethers, including lots of alcohol.........................:-) But now, because of the OP`s, crap towards everyone he doesn`t agree with, we are now on another social media, so we can still be in touch. The OP wanted to be friends with all of us on the social media, but over time deleted every one of us......................Such is life.....................!!
By Mrs Nelson
Pete if you are a long standing visitor here you would know this forum was once full of laughs and characters. and so I’m going to suggest you are a blagger mate, sorry.

By Mrs Nelson
I don’t give a toss what you think pete,
We are talking about how good this forum was, yet you want to talk about me
You are new here and will never be a long standing member so enjoy yourself while you can.
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By old boy
Mrs Nelson, you are trying to debate rationally with a poster who's had more come backs than I can recall. His modus operandi is a give away.
By Mrs Nelson
boo hoo

What a Big baby

Bullying ? You ain’t seen nothing yet, are you the member formally known as

..Mongolian snot gobbler. .

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By Jimbo1916
It could have been worse, although not by much.

Just read this on another forum.

" He is a gnats cock above plankton "

What kind of thick dumb arse comes up with stuff like that. :lol:
By Mrs Nelson
pete evans wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:33 am
I really touched a sore point didnt I.

No you didn’t.

You are obsessed with your self importance it seems.

Where you bullied as a child and now consider any little joke as a direct injury ?
By Mrs Nelson
You are the joke pete.

Run along now.

I’m wondering will the tories crumble in time for the end of this forum ?

It would be great timing.
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