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By chet
My brother went to Sheffield University in 1962 and I know he did not have to pay back a loan. My parents were working class with no money to speak of but I have a feeling that if they had been more financially secure some fees would have been applicable.
By old boy
University fees were introduced by the Blair government.

Until then fees were free, although many students did need to take out loans to pay their living expenses. Which is why many students then, and to some degree still do today, take on zero hours jobs to improve their lot.

Then, as now, bursaries, scholarships and other schemes were available to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds. A lack of financial means should not, and usually isn't, a bar to receiving a university education.
By Mrs Nelson
I disagree

People who start courses they are not really fit for have been failed by the system, how the hell do you know what you want to be when you are 17 years old, and should you be shackled with debt if you make a few poor choices ?

Age 17 I wanted to be a tv engineer, I ended up doing three years in college, industrial electronics, telecommunications computers and the rest of that crap, we never studied TVs funnily enough, despite giving my studies about 10 percent of my attention, I passed the course and ultimately got a job in housing and I never used my skills apart from servicing all the gear for my band, later in life when redundancy loomed, I started a degree course because my boss had one and it was a day off work and I just wanted to get one to pee her off and show her she wasn’t that clever and they were pushing my colleagues in to the fast track HGV courses etc, I got bored after getting my HNC and came here to become a political lecturer, a humanitarian and a educater of lost souls, I’m glad my education was all free, I’d hate to pay for that waste of time.

Anyway, enough of me talking about myself, it’s a forum not Facebook. Education is over rated. There will be an app for it soon.


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