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Mrs Nelson wrote:
Fri Nov 03, 2017 4:18 pm
Suggesting the service is free is a bit of a lie is it not ?


It's as much of a lie as saying that NHS treatment is free, which for the majority of the UK's citizens is not true because it's funded from all the taxes and NIC that we pay. And even those who have never worked a day in their life, they or somebody on their behalf will have paid some sort of tax during the lifetime.
soapydave wrote:
Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:09 pm
ok then! I know I said it was my last word,..........your just egging me on,
but ok you, ve just wrote the above ...................bollocks it was free :lol: £500 for first appointment,thats hardly free ,another shister in the financial sector,what happen when a well known company went tits up and other pension companys went down the pan did you give the clients there money back or were you laughing all the way to the bank on your commissions? :lol: as kev would say suckers :lol:

It really pees me off when another poster just selects the bits of someone else's post to try and score a point. What's even worse is when that other poster is incapable of understanding what has been written. Why have you chosen to ignore the paragraphs immediately above the one that you quoted, where I said:
The commission paid to advisers forms a minute percentage of the overall premium, and in some cases is spread over the lifetime of the policy. The insurance/investment companies do, in many cases, pay a lump sum commission to an adviser, but it is in effect a loan to the adviser and assumes that the client will maintain payments, certainly for two or three years. If they don't, the companies will claw back the commission or a proportion of it.

But you need to take into consideration that an adviser may have invested many days in preparing his advice to a potential client, and if they are paid by commission only and the client chooses not to proceed, then that time goes unpaid for. No difference to you going to a gig, spending an hour or two setting up and then the bar-keeper tells you to pack up because they have decided not to provide entertainment that evening, and as you hadn't performed, he wasn't paying you anything.[/

You have also chosen to ignore my other posts where I said that you could have got free advice from one of the 5000 Abbey Life advisers, the roughly 3,500 from Allied Dunbar, let alone tried to avoid tripping over or bumping into one the advisers in the banks and building societies, all of whom would have given free advice. Plus all the other firms that direct sales forces.

That's how I started back in the 1980s, giving free advice to anyone who would listen. Once I had established a regular clientele, I expanded my repertoire and started offering more specialised advice. It was at that point that I decided that I needed to charge a fee, so that I could concentrate on running an effective practice that would be for the benefit of my clients. When I retired I had over 2000 personal clients, so I must have been doing something right.

Furthermore, all of my firm's clients were referred to the business by others, such as existing clients, solicitors or accountants. Our corporate clients would often recommend us to their suppliers or customers as well.

However, the advisers who worked for me gave the clients the option of paying a fee, paying via commission or a combination of the two. I rebated any commission on my own personal clients' products or instructed that they were re-invested within the product.

But I am merely repeating myself, if you had only bothered to read all my posts on this thread.
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