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By beniman
No matter how you felt about the referendum, remain, leave, on the fence, you must admit there is no way that this will become the Brexit anyone wanted.
Immigration is the latest cock up from Ministers, at least 3 contradicting each other. And only now is a report being commissioned on EU nationals impact on UK economy. When's it finished, 6 months before the UK leaves. You really couldn't make it up how pathetic that is.
It seems David Davis and his merry men and women just want to skip the boring parts of the discussions and focus on a trade deal.
According to BuzzFeed News, senior Government advisors have conceded Britain will pay up to £50 billion to the EU. Jesus that some whistle Mr B Johnston. The EU want £90. And they ain't budging. That's one hell of a sticking point.
Barnier told EU ambassadors that it was now “very unlikely” he would be ready to recommend the opening of trade discussions in October.
Looks like a who will blink first competition.
So do we cave in, in for 50 billion anyway what's another 40 billion.
But as I started with, whatever way you look at it this is turning into a "balls up."
Leaving political persuasions out of it and the way you did or would have voted in the referendum, do you honestly feel in 5 years time the people of the UK will be better off or be doing much better than their European neighbours.
You know I for one feel we have dropped a bollock here. We are up against 27 governments and even Malta has flexed its muscles.
I honestly think if you asked the main players in the leave campaign they truly believed it would be an easier task than it has become.
It has become a mess, no doubt about it. And I believe we ain't got the negotiating teams required and we certainly ain't all singing from the same hymn sheet.
It's one of those issues that really effect numerous years to come for a vast amount of the population of a country we all have ties to.
If this forum goes the sad thing is we won't be able to comment on the outcome.
Maybe that's a blessing.
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By Jimbo1916
So as you've used the word ' we ' a lot, are we to assume that you don't live here in Spain.

With all due respect, your post means diddley squat to the majority of people who do.
By Ketron
Meganne wrote:
Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:20 pm
Does Jimbo have any mates on here - 'cos he has bugger all everywhere else :lol: :lol:

Megs OH.
Yes , i can assure you that Jimbo does have many friends , both here and elsewhere, Meganne ...... I hope that doesn't make you "Angry" :wink: .. 8) :D
By Ketron
I disagree , but if that scenario happed ..then the u.k. will see civil unrest , on a scale never witnessed before.
17.4 million people will not take that lying down.
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By Jimbo1916
Meganne wrote:
Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:20 pm
Does Jimbo have any mates on here - 'cos he has bugger all everywhere else :lol: :lol:

Megs OH.
Shut up angry.....You fool nobody......Gormless muppets no matter what forum you are on. :lol: :lol: Image Image
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By TVTechnology
Good to see once again this forums members being incapable of staying 'on topic' and seeming more interested in abusing each other.

Politics & religion - best avoided if you don't want to start squabbling!

I'm not entirely convinced either that the whole thing won't fall over - as seemingly the further down the line we go, the more it comes apparent, UK & Europe can't seem to agree or concede any points between themselves - stalemate.

Logically the EU can't give the UK a better deal than its member states & that is what the UK wanted all along, without any change to trade. I just can't see how you can navigate around such polar opposites in general agreement. 27 against 1 and everything will be your way - who thought that? No one thought anything about trade through - this was all about borders and being 'bossed around' by the EU -UK has done very well financially under the EU - despite all the wastage and pointless goings on in Brussels - there are issues, always were - perhaps changes may have been better to be made from within, as part of? Though clearly patience ran out - or ma y not have done, if no one had brought it up to vote on.......
By nigelandkath
Seriously don't think Brexit as it was voted for will ever happen. I look at the news read the news listen intently at what is going on. I understand why people voted for Brexit, my mother voted out and I understand why. Now I look at where we are and all the huge complications being raised every day, only yesterday I am reading about the issues raised on the Irish border. That's just one small point. Since the vote was made a UK economy that was on the up has been in decline. The pound has dropped in value and its just beginning to bite, to effect people every day and I cant see how or when an upturn will happen. It's been over 6 months since the letter was sent stating the UK's intention to leave and since then nothing has been agreed. In fact all that has come out so far is a succession of issues. Parliament is on holiday now for a few months so I dont see much being done on the negotiating front. On top of this you have the issues surrounding our own governments position which was weakened in the general election, so much so that Mrs May now has to give concessions all round to get anything passed.
Look I am a realist and I look at facts. Personally I don't see how Brexit can/will happen as those who wanted it to do. Everyone has a viewpoint on this and I really respect those who think things are all on track but I personally I don't see it.
One thing I think might happen is that movement of people issue might be resolved through Brussels itself because it would then cease to cause one of the issues why the UK voted out, its a pretty radical proposition but a change coming from the EU itself would make some kind of sense.
If at the end of the day Brexit does happen which of course at the moment is the party line then I do wonder in what format it might take.
By TVTechnology
Just read this on BBC news - In this instance agree.
Vince Cable: Young 'shafted' over Brexit

I have an issue, maybe its me - but it seems to me those best protected financially, retired, money in bank, equity in house -made a fortune out of property, simply by living in it for long enough, have locked down the future of their children / grandkids - without any likely major affect to themselves - IN THEIR SHORT LIFETIME LEFT.

Whilst it is fair / right for everyone to have a vote - in reality should a generation which will pass in the next 10-20 years be allowed to alter a future which they share no part of?

Many young people and those working, feel like they have their future made insecure / put on hold - as nationalistic out of touch people with historical and out of date opinions - old people not working, all the time to vote and a lot of old anger.

I do think that potentially the young have been shafted by the old (unintentionally) and the right thing to do now, is to find a way that we can continue trading / working as before - UK is on the slide, growth shrinking - Spain / Europe ahead of forecasts at the moment.

It is sad for me to say this, I genuinely believe this will ruin the future opportunities of many young people as well as devalue the UK on the world stage.

I live in hope the EU suddenly turns around last minute, offers better control of borders and other control conecessions to all EU members, in which case the UK could get better control (as requested), without leaving - and everyone else would have the same. What they should have done in the first place.

I think this is a long way from over - they are already saying 'no way' can be resolved in 2 years, then asked for a further 3 for 'transitional changes'.

If only the EU would offer the concessions that all the members really want / make a fuss over (border control).

So UK has saved no money, devalued its currency, thrown future business into disarray, thrown doubt on investment and future education / employment within the EU - because in the main a load of OAPs got fed up looking at brown faces, they didn't see 40 years ago. They all say 'its not that' but it is - most pensioners I asked brought this up first, then followed it - 'but this is not the main / only reason hmm. There seems to be a little older thinking in the mix - WW2 Mr. Manwaring (??)

Cost me a fortune already work / money wise, but then I live in the real world - live and work in the EU & am not retired sitting on my triple locked pension - currency fluctuations do affect our business as we purchase internationally.

To add insult to injury - Most my age will be lucky to get any sort of survivable pension and possibly now compounded by further monetary issues relating to the EU.

All in all. I hope the bloody thing falls over - or someone sees some sort of sense and can turn this train wreck into something that won't send the UK 20 years backwards...
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By Sheff_Blade
TVTechnology wrote:
Tue Aug 08, 2017 11:26 am
Just read this on BBC news - In this instance agree.
Vince Cable: Young 'shafted' over Brexit
All in all. I hope the bloody thing falls over - or someone sees some sort of sense and can turn this train wreck into something that won't send the UK 20 years backwards...
I had lost interest in the politics side of this forum - same old same old arguments being trotted out ad nauseam. I return and what do I find? Same old same old arguments being trotted out ad nauseam.

In some cultures the views of the elderly are held in high esteem; they have experience, wisdom, and gained a wide range of knowledge over the years. But obviously, if you disagree with them then they are bunch of selfish, old farts. The Europhiles lost the argument at the referendum - get over it!
By Ketron
Yes ! :) ......Brexit means Brexit . Get on with it Mrs May . It's what the majority voted for. :D
By MisterE
The young have been shafted have they?

The old 'uns of today could say the same thing happened to them back in the 1970s.

We were never consulted on the original entry into the bloc and those of us who voted out in the 1975 referendum accepted the result and that was it. No continuous whingeing with an MSM forever propagating that the end of the world is nigh.
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