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By Bill Posters
Sorry to hear that with immediate effect the RTN and SOL Times will no longer be published. This will leave only the Euro Weekly News. I think RTN in many respects was the best of the three. It is sad but print media is in free fall. Julian Assange said that the internet was ‘burning media to the ground’.
By TVTechnology
Not sure this one you can blame specifically on Julian Assange.

Unfortunately a combination of issues. News and reporting wise 2nd rate, very thin on decent content, MAINLY ADVERTISING - half of which crappy illegal businesses.

My company previously advertising only TWICE in a ten year period as the expense or rates they were charging were disproportionate with the distribution (which the sales staff always lie about) and overall response.

Summary, little news, plenty of adverts, lack of good unbiased content and FAR TOO MUCH ADVERTISING COSTS - (here's the kicker) advertising marketing is far more effective on the internet as you can see/measure the response - if I spend €1000 on newspaper advertising locally - we'll be lucky to see the same amount back (tested twice - full page / right hand side etc) - for the same €1000 I can do a few months advertising with facebook/google/adverts on forums - we can tag terms people search for 'TV in Torrevieja' etc - making it relevant for people who are searching for a service/company & more to the point if we spend €1000 on internet marketing (carefully) would expect no less than 200-300% return. Little local newspapers can't do that, nor can they do highly targeted advertising.

I joked for years, the best thing about many of the local papers, was their ability to start my fire in the winter.

Print they do say is dead - which is not quite true, but it is considerably more competitive than it was years ago. Those papers didn't really move with the times, they were too greedy with their advertising costs & rather than improve content or a reason for people to read - they just got thinner and thinner, stuffed full of expensive adverts, advertisers didn't get a decent response & one by one they leave, which of course will leave the businesses/newspapers in the position they are now, folded no doubt due to lack of incoming advertising revenue.

I think they did offer a bit of online advertising on their own websites, but who reads RTN online for news?

Mismanaged over the years, not moved on with the times.

As much as I am critical of the local newspapers - no one likes to see businesses go down and people lose their jobs.
By Bill Posters
I couldn't agree more.... a very good analysis; newsprint never adapted to a fast-changing world. Advertising was just throwing good money after bad by businesses who were disinclined to test response (negligible) and try other ways ~ as you have. Thanks
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