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By Ketron
Ianhaig25 wrote:
Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:10 pm
Ketron wrote:No Irony at all , Ian.
I rarely scroll back to previous pages , and didn't see Beardyboy's first comment !
You misunderstood Ketron.

No, not you, the irony is in the post by beardyboy.

It's all in his one and only post.

I quoted his 1st sentence and then his 2nd.

Total contradiction in just 2 sentences.
My apologies Ian - i thought you were referring to me . :D
By Beardyboy
Industry has gone and the U.K has changed, we are now a service provider. Cast your minds back to seeing thousands of men going off to work in the coal mines....thank God the days have gone. Young men were regularly killed and their lungs were clogged up with coal dust. Not a job any of us would want for our sons. Education was introduced and now our young people are working in offices and earning decent money. The thing is...Change happens and we have to leave to accept change. Brexit is a new change and has created so many doom and gloomers. Let us all think positively. Our negotiators will work out the best deals for us and by next year, it will be over and out! Spain will never turn it’s back on us as they are thankful to be making money from us. Just think, 15 years ago there was little or nothing in Quesada and many other barren areas and now, the areas are populated, serviced and alive. All of this equates to money for Spain and happiness for us! Living the dream...keep remembering that.
I am home in Northern Ireland until Easter, lovely today but nothing like it is in Torrevieja. A few crocus and daffodils appearing but when we got home last week,some of our beautiful plants had guys are looking out at geraniums and other beautiful plants..enjoy them, have a little cafe con leche and relax in the sun. Cheers!
By Burrababa
pete evans wrote:
Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:53 pm
That could well be true but UK will still be part of the EU, at least for years to come. The Ireland situation has to be sorted first.
Are you suggesting that we are tied to the EU and have to accept whatever terms they choose to impose on us------just because the Ireland border cannot be a hard one or indeed if it cannot be resolved by technological or any other means?
By Ketron
Pity nobody told Harold Wilson that , back in the 1960's / 1970,s , Mrs N.

As you already know - he closed far more Mines , than Margaret Thatcher did .
Damn Labour .. I thought they were the Party of the Working Man ? :lol:
By Burrababa
pete evans wrote:
Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:49 am
You need to look at the bigger picture.
That is the bigger picture--if the UK allows itself to be restricted by the NI border--then we will be blackmailed by the EU forever------

unless of course------you can enlighten us about the bigger picture ?? :?:
By Burrababa
1995: Tony Blair definitively pledges an end to zero hours contracts
In the second ever speech to the Labour Party conference as leader, Tony Blair pledges that "part-time employees will no longer be treated as second-class citizens. There will be an end to zero-hours contracts ."
Which obviously never happened.
By old boy
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:33 am
With investment the British mining industry could have been made safer and probably more economical, what are we going to do when the Tory donor Putin turns the gas off ?

With respect, and I know that I have said it previously, but the deep mine industry in the UK is fundamentally uneconomical, partially because the UK's health and safety is amongst the best in the world. But the real reason is that in most of the mines it just took too long for the miners to reach the coal face.

When something like a third or more of a miner's working day is spent travelling underground before he can actually start his job; i.e. extracting coal, then it just makes the product too damn expensive. Especially when you consider that the exact same product can be purchased from a number of countries who can supply it far cheaper because they don't have the high safety attitude that exists in the UK, and because their workers are prepared to accept considerably lower wages.

All of that, coupled with the fact that coal usage in the UK is dwindling in an attempt to cap carbon emissions, mean that there is no real requirement for deep mine coal anymore, and what coal of that type is required is mainly sourced from the few open cast mines in the UK.
By old boy
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:35 pm
What are we going to do when the people we buy our stuff off snub us ?

As for the mines you guys need to think out of the box, the lads who work on the oil rigs don’t travel to work every day, they live on site,


Assuming that your comment was not meant to be taken seriously, hence the wink smilie, I won't bother responding.
By Burrababa
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Wed Mar 14, 2018 11:35 pm
What are we going to do when the people we buy our stuff off snub us ?

As for the mines you guys need to think out of the box, the lads who work on the oil rigs don’t travel to work every day, they live on site,

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one!!!

Mrs Nelson proves that she can think out of the box :D
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