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By pete evans
The debate should have been before the referendum. Then we should have held a vote on calling a referendum, after all the facts were established. It will never get sorted, the UK is too involved with Europe, always will be.
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By Jimbo1916
Old MacDonald will have a farm right up until Britain leaves the EU, according to a report published today.

The report has suggested that the profitability of the average UK farm, including the one owned by an elderly chap called Mr MacDonald, could fall by as much as half after Britain leaves the EU.

The report, produced by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), says the “worst-case scenario” would cut average farm profits from £38,000 a year to just £15,000, due to the presumed loss of the subsidies given to British farmers by the EU under the Common Agricultural Policy.

A close friend of Mr MacDonald, Simon Williams, told us, “Mac is incredibly concerned about what will happen to his beloved farm after March 2019.

“He has cows, pigs and sheep making all sorts of noises here, there and everywhere, but at the end of the day it is the EU subsidies which keep his farm running, no matter how popular it may be in toddler rhyming circles. He just does not know what will happen.

“Leave supporters have told him that he can now trade freely with the rest of the world, but as he’s never so much as left East Anglia I doubt he will be likely to secure a huge supply contract with the Middle East or Japan.”

Passing by on his tractor, Old MacDonald could be heard sadly singing “Old MacDonald had a farm, EU EU – oh.”
By Kinchy
I have not been involved in any of the Brexit discussions but in my opinion if the vote was now it would be an big majority to remain.

So where did you get the information from to make that opinion?
I have never been a supporter of Farage and UKIP but I have always believed that the UK does not need the intransigent meddling of the unelected apparatchiks of the EUSSR.
I voted in 1975 against remaining in what was then the Common Market and my beliefs have remained the same, despite some bile from those who thought that I was very crazy to vote leave.
We now have old beardy Branson saying that when the older buggers who voted leave have died, then we can go back into the club. What a condescending piece of tax avoiding shite!!
Both my grandsons 19 and 23 voted leave - why - because they stated that the country that has given them so much is no longer the country they both love.
If we cnnot breach the stubbornness of Barnier and his masters then as I have said in past postings just close your folders, stand up and say Au revoir Barnier.
Leave means leave and the sooner we get out of the chains of this federalist driven gang the better.
PS welcome back Mrs N- how is JC :D
By beniman
Kev, still no truthful reply. So will change topic drastically.
Have you seen the mini tv series The State? Based on numerous accounts of Brits returning from the IS calaphate.
4 parter from channel 4, on all good Kodi boxes.
Well worth a gander.
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By Sheff_Blade
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:38 am
I’m not sure how you think the process is going, but I personally think it’s not going too well. I know a lot of people a few months ago claimed they knew exactly what they were voting for, so do you guys still maintain you knew the process was going to go this way before you voted for this chaos ?

The process is proceeding exactly as I thought it would; the EU side are only bothered about the UK subscription and what they would have to do if the UK simply walked away. That is clearly why they don't want to talk about trade until we agree to pay them huge sums of money. It's interesting that despite condemning the UK Govt for not being open about the negotiations, when repeatedly asked, Corbyn, Clegg, Cable, Blair etc are never prepared to say how much they would be prepared to pay for continued access to the single market.

I can't speak for what other people voted for (unlike some people on here who always know exactly other people's motives), but I have always believed that hard Brexit or whatever you want to call it, is the only option on the table and will be the best outcome for the UK. This will leave the EU to solve their own massive problems: the euro, Shengan/uncontrolled movement, and balancing their budget without the UK contribution.
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By Sheff_Blade
Aviator wrote:
Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:31 pm
If the Brexit polls continue the way they are currently headed public demand for a second referendum may become unstoppable: ... t-decision
If there was a second referendum it would certainly be very interesting to see which side of the debate Corbyn and the labour party would stand!
By reagan
when the vote was made the people who voted just wanted to stop (in my opinion ) all the immigration and what they believed the cost of it ,but they could not have possibly have known what it would involve ,now learning more about the ins and outs are, I honestly believe a second referendum would be a vote to stay in ,the only problem is the Brits are to proud to say we made a mistake and to have the Germans and French laughing at them
By Kinchy
If the Brexit polls continue the way they are currently headed public demand for a second referendum may become unstoppable:

Oh a piece from the Guardian - Owen Jones et al eh? How unbiased :oops:
The UK will NOT go along the same road as the Irish and Dutch went down IE "you have made a mistake vote again route"
The UK has voted Leave - no matter how far all those remain crowd disagree , the UK will leave end of and if the future is uncertain, this nation has faced far more dangerous and despicable threats and has always come though.
Strange that so many of those threats came from France and Germany - ironic eh?
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By Jimbo1916
Just read nasty nellys many posts on Brexit and you will notice that in none of them whatsoever does he actually say anything relevant about Brexit, or make any pertinant statements......just empty words about nothing that he repeats over and over again........Just compare them with the other contributions on this thread. . :wink:

`I’m not sure how you think the process is going, but I personally think it’s not going too well. I know a lot of people a few months ago claimed they knew exactly what they were voting for, so do you guys still maintain you knew the process was going to go this way before you voted for this chaos ? ´

´ Did you know we where going to have a no deal when you voted.
Is that what you wanted really? Honestly ?´

`Chicken without chlorine and a large coke and fries is horrible.`

´99% perecent of us are slaves to someone or something, pretending we have a say in anything is one of the biggest cons in history. .´

`Thanks beniman. It’s nice to be back.
I dont want to be cruel to brexiteers but this process is so uncertain now, more than it’s ever been I think, that to claim “ this is what I voted for “ is absurd.
Brexit, hell in a handcart, etc etc `

`Thanks guys, thanks kinchy, `
`It’s fair to say that JC is the countries only hope, lets hope TM stands aside and leaves it to labour to clean up after the tories.`

So there you have it. Nothing relevant about Brexit at all really.....Just hot air about nothing. In fact he could be waffling on about anything. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Mrs Nelson
Thanks meganne, When will jimbo just get a life and stop stalking or baiting us, ?

Hot air, cute from the man who talks about himself in the third person.

As for the second referendum, we don’t need one, I think the government will just pull the plug soon and accept they cocked the whole process up.

On a positive note, the brexit process has given us the demise of ukip, and an indication of how bad the uk could be if faced with a serious threat whilst the blues are at the helm.

By Burrababa
It surprises me that people still have not grasped that we are leaving the EU.

It is as simple as that--whatever the end result may look like or how you define it i.e. hard or soft --
When the referendum result was declared --the UK effectively left because no political party could ignore the will of the people--(simple majority though it may have been--}
People do not seem to have grasped that Leaving the EU is a decision that is within the control of the British Government and it is up to them how we actually leave----whereas remaining in or rejoining the EU is completely dependent on the will of the EU and the British Government has no say in the decision --consequently do you think we could ever rejoin the EU in the next 50 years without having to pay a very heavy price which would harm our economy and be unacceptable to any British Government

Brexit means Brexit my friends ---in the words of Nick Ross

"Don't have nightmares, do sleep well." :lol: :lol: :lol:

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