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By wiganer
Hi there
I am new to the forum is anyone buying a property in colinas del lago if so I would like to here from you I have met a few people but would like to meet more to compare notes.
:roll: Jean
By iain crosbie
Hi Wiganer
if yuou bought through Atlas and Technoligia Urbanistica then my advice is to get out or change to another property.
We're just back on Monday and the planning hasn't been approved or even under discussion yet.
we bought in colinas del lago in Feb 2003 ! !
We move in before Christmas in another area though after much ado
By wiganer
Hi Ian
We have been told that the builder has got permission and is waiting for the town hall to send in the infrastruction people. What makes you say they haven't got planning permission. Glad you have found something else though and are happy with it.

By iain crosbie
If you search this forum and the .com one for "colinas" you will be able to see the various threads.
I've been in this for almost 3 years and trust me the builders have NOT got permission
How do I know ??
Conversation with Atlas and the builders at the Technoligia Offices on Friday past.
If you're buying through , Atlas or Iberian be careful as they are the same people and tell you what is expedient at the time.

it's a trust thing and I don't trust either
By Pork Chop
Does anybody know how many properties were sold at the colinas del lago non development?

What has happened to the money paid by those people? Who has got it?
By Bernie
Hi ,
In answer to your question Pork Chop there were to be 296 properties on this non-development, one of which was meant to be ours. We had bought a ground floor apartment on phase 4 part b back in Oct 03. We are in the process of trying to get our money back. Still dont know exactly who has got it as someone has told us that Iberian/Atlas operate client accounts into which monies are put on their clients behalf, then money is only handed over to the builder once building starts. As no building work has been done your guess is as good as mine.
I will not let this drop and I am in the process of talking to persons from the Spanish and English media to expose what has happened to a hell of a lot of people.
If you were given the truth you wouldn't mind half as much but when you are blatantly lied to again and again you have to draw the line.
Bernie :x
By cyril
hi jean
check your pm
i have sent you a message
By wiganer
Hi Bernie
What have the media responded with are they taking up our plight? I have just been in touch with our lawyer to find out if the builder has got permission or not am waiting for a phone call back!!!!!

By Pork Chop
If all 296 properties on this non development were reserved and say each deposit was in the region of £50,000 then either the agent (is it just Iberian and Atlas selling on this piece of dirt or are there others?) or the builder could be sitting with nearly £15 million. If this money was put into a high deposit bank account it would earn nearly £2,000 gross per day! No that's a heck of a pile of money for a bit of dirt.

Bernie, yes, I've heard of a client account for those buying "off plan" where the deposit is kept by the agent in case the builder skips town. Otherwise anybody could set up a show house, run up a nice set of plans, stick a few coloured flags up on a bit of wasteland, watch the money roll in and then...ta ta and bye bye....

If the agents doing the selling are just Iberian and Atlas what are they doing for these people? It seems there are some who want a different property and some want their money. Is there any building going to take place at all? Looks as if Iain has been given another property but he seems to have been mucked about since Feb 03. Surely those who want their money back should get it. What's the delay? (Maybe £2,000 a day)
By cyril
hi wiganer
gotyour email i have just replied
By flo
just to let you know there are new flags up ,so all you people just hang around.I am sure this urbanization will eventually come off and you will have fantastic views of the lake. I am not an estate agent but live nearby and have been keeping an eye on the progress.
By Jesus
Pork Chop wrote:
Bernie, yes, I've heard of a client account for those buying "off plan" where the deposit is kept by the agent in case the builder skips town

That's totally inacurated for not using a harder word. Every penny goes to the builder right as paid from the will be owner.
Once the will be owner has paid a 40 or 50% depending on the builder, them the agent gets his commission from there

The main thing here is that the builder used such money to build the houses. This is why you have to pay such high moneys before completion as otherwise new builts would be so much easy to pay and so many more people could access to them

I was just about to buy myself a gorgeous chalet but have to say no at the end as they pretend to get paid 60K euros in just couple of months and that is to me that I am "suppose" to receive better payment conditions for the high number of houses we sell them every month

By Pork Chop
The main thing here is that the builder used such money to build the houses.
Yes, quite right. I suppose the builder needs an up front payment in order to build the house.

But these people at the Del Lago site seem to have paid money over 3 years ago and the builder hasn't started. The site even with its new flags is still scrubland and seems as if some of these people have given up waiting. Yes, some of the houses should have lovely views of the lake but there seems to be different opinions if they'll ever get built.

Does the estate agent had over all the deposit in one go to the builder that lets say somebody put down for a Phase 4 or 5 if the site hasn't even been cleared for a Phase 1 start?

My neighbour last night mentioned an escow protects the buyer but he didn't know what that meant. Well, it was getting on and there was drink taken. I'm glad I bought a house that was built! I could see something for my money but I do feel for these people who seem to have been mucked about for a long time.
By jessi
Where exactly is Colinas del Lago?

Sorry to hear you folks are having such problems...good luck getting everything sorted out!!
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