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By jimny1
Does anyone know if the ITV in torrevieja is open today after the bad weather
I have an appointment later but nobody is answering the phone
By Info
You could try ringing Polucia Lical as they are next door.

By jimny1
Thanks Bee
I called them and they said the roads are open around the ITV station but they dont know if the ITV station is operating today
They are still not answering, even tried pilar ITV and no answer there, just voicemail message as with torrevieja , so no wiser, i will just have to go and hope for the best
By Info
Jimbo1916 wrote:Polucia Lica ?? :wink: :D
I think its Valenciana 🙄

By jimny1
Well as i could not find out if it was closed or not yesterday i went down for my appointment at 5.00pm and yes it was shut
Now i need to go monday without an appointment and wait with all the other people that also must have had theirs cancelled, so who knows how long a test will take
I think it is bad they never at least e mailed those with an appointment to let them know they were not open, my wife got e mails from the hospital to say her appointments were cancelled , but i should not have expected anything from them
What happens to people who had their ITV expire friday for example and now will drive illegally to attend the ITV on monday, try to explain that to the guardia if stopped, i bet you would get no sympathy, just a fine
By Info
Once you show Trafico you had/have an appointment shouldn't that be enough?

By jimny1
No unfortunately it doesnt work like that, they wont prioritise those that had missed theirs on friday to go ahead of the appointments on monday , so the queue will be a lot longer than normal i expect
By Ianhaig25
At least 6 people have died 1000s with severe damage to homes and you are upset they didn't email you and you might have to queue.
How sad.
By jimny1
Ian i dont know who you are and why you decided to have a go at me but you are out of order
There are people posting on here about the internet , glass curtains etc, some even making jokes, why not have a go at them also
You dont know me and why i am concerned about getting my car ITVd so urgently , if you did you would understand , but i am not going to go into my personal details for you
Also i was one of the people that had my property damaged by the storm
Please go and troll someone else and if you have nothing to add that helps dont bother reading my posts
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By jimny1
Ian, i just found this from one of your previous posts
A little bit hypocrytical from someone who doesnt comment on posters , besides not even living here

by Ianhaig25 ¦ Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:48 am ¦ Forum: General Chat ¦ Topic: The Tory black legs won’t like this ¦ Replies: 13 ¦ Views: 1760
Hopefully freddo can see who posts the nasty personal stuff ON HERE.

I am a member on here so read and post (never with comments about the poster)

If you despise elsewhere and it's people so much and are not a member why do you keep reading it.


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