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By jimny1
I have a uk ee sim card pay as you go, that was orange, with a number i have had for years, and use it when i go to the uk, also to receive calls in spain from family etc and i can top up credit either online or calling a particular number
It is in an old motorola phone at the moment and it is cut to the limit but works fine
I want to put a new card in a more updated phone as even with changing the battery it doesnt stay charged for long but i want to retain my old number
I will be at heathrow airport for a few hours and have seen there are some shops there selling cards etc
My question is will they be able to give me a new card, micro for example , to replace the old one in the short time i am there, retaining my phone number
I know in spain you have to show a passport and fill forms out due to security issues but am not sure how this works in the uk
I did ask here if they can give me a replacement card but they said only in the uk
Any advice appreciated
By Lincoln45
Short answer is No. Number is coded to sim. ... -i-do-this ... -i-do-this

Are you just passing through Heathrow and not entering the UK?
If entering the UK, order replacement sim before leaving Spain and get it posted to a UK address.
If not entering the UK, can you not get a replacement sent to somebody in the UK and have them post it on.
By jimny1
Hi L
I am staying at london airport just one night to get a flight to another country, so have limited time and no address to send it to
Could i get a new card with a new mobile number instead ?
By freddo
You could just top up the EE card you have that way you have the same number but if you need a mucro sim they will change the card but you will still have the same number
By jimny1
Cheers freddo
I have contacted ee and asked about a micro sim to see if they will deliver to the hotel in london i am staying at
I looked on a thread online about this and they did it for someone else last year
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