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Not personally a Jackson's fan but social media seems to be very silent on feedback to the concert, given the hype it had been given.

Apart from the publicity of the Jacksons being in Torrevieja, I wonder what it actually brought to the area.
jimny1 wrote:
Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:33 pm
A friend of ours went, she said the supporting bands were rubbish but the jacksons were ok
The only other thing she mentioned was that a glass of wine was 6 euros and it was extremely hot there
Thank's for that. I was just surprised that its got so little reaction.

I can imagine it was hot. The footage I have seen shows people squashed into a small area.

The only feedback I found through the Spanish media was the legality in selling food and drink at the Eras de la Sal for the event is being questioned by PSOE. The Spanish media also pointed that the promoters were charged 1,426 euros for renting the venue.
We went and saw the Jackson’s and they were fantastic. The drinks were a rip off but I imagine that is the norm at any concert.
The first supporting band was not so good but Cassie Jackson was very good.
We had seats but when the Jackson’s came on we went down to the standing area and everyone was dancing. It was a great night and am so glad I went. The Jackson’s can still sing and dance - even tough they are in their 60’s


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