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By Beardyboy
We came home on Friday 28th June but there still was no sign of sun beds on the beach at La Mata. I know that Torrevieja were not to get any but understood that La Mata was. Can anybody update me please. We return on 22nd and my daughter and son in law always make use of the sun beds and will be disappointed if there are none to be had!
By Info
Rosemary I mistakenly said La Mata were to have them but that was incorrect. The Ayuntamiento hasn't signed any contract yet for the supply of any of the usual beach activities. I am keeping an eye on the town hall web page but nothing so far.

By Beardyboy
Such a disappointment Bee.
Please let me know if you hear anything but it is positively ridiculous the way things are dealt with in Spain. That seems to be a great loss of revenue for them but they obviously don’t care less.
Thanks, Rosemary.
By Info
I know Rosemary. Its an embarrassment and a laughing stock at this stage. You have the Habaneras coming up and the Vuelta Espana. Surely the Town Hall can get their finger out and get it sorted.

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