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And so we are on a low carb diet and need to identify tapas which help.

Often found having tostada con tomaté or tortilla and even ensalada Russo - but all are out on the low carb diet.

I know magra, but other than magra, does anyone recommend a good tapas dish which offers itself up as low carb?

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Here are a few for ir de tapas en dieta
and strangely enough it says vino verano to drink as it doesn't contain sugar.


Jamon Serrano o cecina
(retirando la grasa)

Boquerones en vinagre

Mejillones en escabeche


Almejas en salsa verde

Carpaccio de ternera
que en su lugar vayan aliñadas con vinagretas.

Chipirones a la plancha

Sepia a la plancha

Carnes a la plancha

Gambas a la plancha o al ajillo

Salpicón de marisco

Ensaladas que no contengan quesos grasos ni salsas que contengan natas o mayonesa, sino que en su lugar vayan aliñadas con vinagretas.

Chipirones a la plancha ... hK&ampcf=1

Thanks. Yes, someone suggested boquerones, but they are too salty for me. I’m looking for the Spanish names as I can’t abide trying to say English words to the waiters who have to translate that into some kind of dish.

Would you say mejillones or mejillones rellenos?
I am no good with tapas as I don't eat them but I love boquerones. Are you maybe mixing up boquerones and anchovies. Boquerones should not be salty. Do mejillones -mussels -always come filled with something i.e rellenas or can you have them simply with lemon juice or steamed with garlic?

That may be so freddo but an anchovy in Spanish is always an "anchoa" and is specially prepared and heavily salted. A boquerón is freshly cooked and served with lemon and I would happily live on them.


It is common to use different types of denominations to refer to fresh fish of the Engraulis encrasicolus species , while in the North of Spain it is called Anchoa or Bocarte , in the south of Spain the word Boquerón is used. All these names are used to refer to the same species of fish: the Engraulis encrasicolus species .

When the fish is consumed fresh, the word Bocarte or Anchoa is used. But if the product is elaborated, we will differentiate Anchoa or Boquerón according to the elaboration process used. If it is made in salting it will be called Anchoa and if it is made with vinegar it will be called Boquerón .

Anchovy or anchovy


The elaboration process used for Anchovy in Salting is that when the fresh fish arrives it is eviscerated and decapitated for its later placement in barrels, alternating layers of anchovy and salt. The Anchoa are kept in cure for a few months, giving it a prolonged maturation at natural temperature and at the same time, controlled. Once matured, we proceed to an adequate washing of the Anchovy in Salting that allows us to regulate our salt point. The process of cleaning and filleting must be done "conscientiously" to remove any remains of skin and thorns that may remain. Finally they are packaged and preserved in oil for consumption.


The elaboration of the Boquerones is different. The Bocarte or fresh anchovy is decapitated, eviscerated, cleaned and placed in maceration baths or tubs. This anchovy is kept in maceration in a mixture of vinegars and water until you get the desired point of marinade and its characteristic white color. Finally, the anchovies are packed and preserved in oil .
Like I said freddo there is nothing like freshly cooked boquerones caught off the coast of Torrevieja. I will not eat their salted cousins anchoas which have been pickled in salt.

A bit like pork and bacon. They both come from the same animal but taste very differently.

Salchicas al Infierno - Sausages ;-)

I'd cheat, skip a meal and replace it with a low carb protein shake.

Usually I find removing alcohol, crisps and sweets pretty much does it (low carb...) When go out skip the bun on the burger, few little adjustments. Cans of tuna, cheap protein / low carb source. Not tapas....
Yes, the low carb diet has knocked all the rubbish out of my diet. However, I am really keen to use this to step up my use of tapas and especially my use of low carb tapas. Thanks for the sausages - that’s a good one. Spicy ones as well!

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