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By torrytel
This morning, near Los Frutales Sports bar, Torrevieja, my son was driving his car, when he noticed a man walking on the footpath at the side of the road. The man suddenly stopped behind two parked cars. My son was already slowing down, being suspicious. As my son reached the parked cars, the man ran between them directly in front of my son's car, but my son had been watching him and immediately stopped. Words and gestures were exchanged, and my son pointed to his car's web-cam. The man stormed off. He was slim build, tanned complexion, dark hair, wearing t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.
This may have been perfectly innocent, but just be careful out there!!
By jimny1
They do this a lot in south africa, or so my sister told me when she lived there
But the drivers are told to make sure they make a good job of running the person over because if the person survives and it goes to court they will sue you for everything you have

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