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By Newbie2014
I have a tenant who stopped paying rent/bills a few months ago and is now out of contract so need advice or a good solicitor recommendation on how to evict him asap!
I know it can be a lengthy and costly process but this person is a non-resident and apparantly has previous for this sort of thing in Spain so any useful info gratefully received!

By Karen Jones
Apparently it is easier, quicker, to evict these people now. Contact a gestoria, cheaper than an abogado. Maria consulting, at los montesinos. Very good.
By Info
I did see an outline of costs of about €750 for a solicitor to do it. Does the rental contract say that non payment of rent means the tenant has broken their contract and must immediately surrender the property. I presume you have issued notice to quit. Keep it as amicable as you can bear to but keep ringing or calling looking for your money and keep a record of everything. Make sure whatever legal person you get is well versed in the Spanish eviction process. Hopefully once the legal letters arrive the tenant will move on.

This might be useful ... h-property

You can also register someone on a debtors list in Spain for non payment of a bill. That might be for after you get rid of the tenant.

By jimny1
The problem is if a serial non payer he or she will know how to stay the maximum time to cause the most stress
Its a shame you cannot disconnect the water and electric, but i am sure the law is on the side of the tenant and they would take you to court if you did , the law always seem to favour the criminal

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