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By dave c
Hi all,
We are booked to come out in aug and returning in sept.
If we book one way to go out early in July, and miss the august flight . can we still use the return flight in sept?
By brianq
Ive done it with Ryanair (gone on earlier flight & returned on original booking). But there are reports of some airlines cancelling the return leg if you don't show for the original outbound. Check with the airline & get it in writing if they say its ok to return.
By strolling_minstrel
The big companies, like BA and Virgin, have the policy that if you miss your outbound flight then your return flight can be cancelled. It is to stop people booking a cheap return flight and then not using one leg.

However, the report I read said that Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz air do not have this policy and the return flight will be honoured even if you miss the outbound one.

We missed a flight going out due to a problem in UK and rebooked a single for the next week. The return leg was honoured by Ryanair.

Flybe, according to the report, will cancel the return leg if you miss the outbound one unless the passenger notifies them. So if you do miss a flight, make sure to inform the carrier that you still want the return part.
By keith t
I cancelled a flight going out due to medical problems(refunded by Ryanair)
Flew out later with another airline, I got an email from Ryanair to ask if I wanted a refund on return flight or would I be using return flight, I would suggest notifying them that you are not using flight out
By brianq
dave c wrote:
Fri May 24, 2019 8:44 am
Thanks Keith,
It would probably be ok, but, I'll let them know anyway.
You can clarify it by their online Chat on their website, my daughter did it this year with a query about taking child seats, they confirmed there was no charge to check in 1 seat per child.
By dave c
I contacted them through the chatline and it said I don't need to contact them if I don't use the outbound flight - and I can still use the return flight.
Thanks all.
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