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Somebody who is a resident with a good Gestor doing their tax returns would also be useful to you. It is well worth getting a Gestor to do your rental returns as non resident landlords are now entitled to all the allowances/deductions resident landlords can claim. Here is an article from propertyinsight which outlines what you are allowed to deduct ... ion-guide/ Bee

Fred this could also be a solution for me too. Wou[…]

Gas boiler

Ok thanks

As well as Autos Direct, Javi at Top Car is an hon[…]

See the earlier post on this site. http://www.tor[…]

Airport transfer

Thank you I’ll look at that

Theres a variety of gadgets , some on as[…]

Fire stick 4K

How easy are they to set up, before i mess it up[…]

Horizontal Property Act

This the Administrator that manages the other urba[…]

New Advertising Slots and Possibilities