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By Zorrodog
Hi. Has anyone soundproofed wall to next doors apartment ? I have noisy neighbors I can here them talking, playing music etc. You would swear they are in the same room as us. Can anyone recommend best way to reduce noise. I have previously asked them to be quiet, turned up my music, worn ear plugs to bed etc. Thanks
By Beardyboy
I feel for you. Years ago, we had a fellowliving next door to our house and it was difficult. Every night he slept with the television I hated it. Yes, we could hear absolutely everything going on next door.i asked on this forum for advice on soundproofing and was given extensive information. Before we got to carry out the work, the bank repossessed the house and it remained empty and quiet for years. Heaven! New people have bought and moved in, think they may have soundproofed to a degree but so far ,no problems.

I will search and try to find the posts. If I find them,I will post them for you to read. Meanwhile, if you could find a good carpenter, surely he could soundproof the room for you.
Get it sorted before it drives you crazy.
By Beardyboy
Sorry, it has long gone and I cannot find it.
Google. How to soundproof a wall, there are many suggestions for you to look at. Cannot be that difficult as we all have the large supports jutting out and I imagine that you would fill in between them making the wall one continuous flat wall. The end result would not only give you a more peaceful room but surly it would also allow for an easier room/ furniture layout.
Please let us know how you get along.

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