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By Beardyboy
After the torrential rain over Easter, not only was there water pouring in at the gable end but there were several drips coming through the roof itself.
I think it is time to replace it. Does anyone know a company or builder that could carry out this job? I know there’s who experienced water pouring in through a recently built conservatory. How could this be? Why on earth would a builder not ensure complete water tightness. I want a proper job done. I keep lots of electrical equipment in the gully and cannot risk water ruining all or some of it.
By woodhai
I used a company called Selmar opposite the Ford garage in San Miguel. Good price and a good job. They also repaired a cracked double glazed unit for me.
By Beardyboy
Many thanks Woodhai, We have to cut our holiday short to return to look after our lovely granddaughter who has Chickenpox but will r3turn at the end of this month. I will visit this firm and hopefully get the roof replaced.
Can you remember how much your work cost. I estimate that our galley measures about 5’ wide and length is 18’.
Many thanks again.
By woodhai
It was done about 5 years ago. Measured about 6 feet by 8 feet with an opening window. Cost 550 Euros fitted.
I've also used them to replace a cracked double glazed unit in my new house.
By Beardyboy
Good morning Woodhai,
I have just checked the forum and read your earlier reply . We fly to Spain this evening, so receiving your information was very timely. The prices you paid sounds perfect. Our roof is somewhat longer but won’t be a great deal more than you paid. We may visit them tomorrow in the hope of getting the roof done while we are there. Over until 21st June so imagine there should be no problem. Do they speak English?
Cannot thank you enough for your suggestion 😎Will update soon.
By Beardyboy
Manuel is coming today to replace the roof.
Thank you for your recommendation, an added bonus that his wife is English! We intend to have several jobs done using him,
By Info
Ah Rosemary the life of the holiday home owner😀 There is always some job that needs doing and that wouldn't be too bad if you knew who to get. I see in today's Informacion that Alicante University are setting up a lab in Torrevieja to research second home ownership so we are all going to be guinea pigs!!

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