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I went along to this. A good exhibition and demonstrations. The Guards were very you would expect :D
I managed to get a good conversation with the Jeffe Official Traffico...a few myths were resolved, especially bar legends on ITVs. In addition it came out that GC Traffico and Ayunt Torrevieja were not consulted on the CV905 4km 50kph reduction. Gen Valencia made the decision last autumn...bottom line..."the road runs through the urban road speed limit is 50"..not much more thought than that. Years of traffic planning and millions of taxpayers Euros wasted in widening a main arterial route of circa 30, 000 vehicles per day....wasted.
GC advice ( who think it is not a very wise move)...send in objections to Gen. Valencia. :?
I went over mid-morning to see amongst other things the dog display. Shame it was very short, but that might have been deliberate as there was several visitors with dogs frontline to the display behind the barriers and the dogs were causing a nuisance by barking and also distracting the police dog in the display.

Never seen so many Guardia Civil vehicles in one place, must have been in access of 25 4x4s, a dozen motorbikes + prison van and traffico. Probably in excess of 60 officers present as well.

Shame the helicopter wasn't present as this was given publicity for kids to have the photo taken with, although if you read local press and their review of the event they said it was there, so either the helicopter arrived later in the day or I need new glasses or the review was written based on the publicity put out rather than by someone who attended the event.

That said about the helicopter, plenty of photo opportunities for kids sat on the motorbikes or in police cars pressing buttons !
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