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Thanks Mark. The speed is usually mpbs. Not great so 6GB would be gone in a couple of days. PaYg would suit me but its the data allowance thats the important bit. Khallo2 could I ask are you on PAYG with unlimited data allowance?

I’m in England at the moment and my paperwork is in Spain but yes I think so. We have been with them for about 3 years and on some visits we have had the kids with us using several devices , streaming TV, gaming and general browsing all at the same time over several days. Never had to pay more , occasionally it slows down (it’s not fibre), but never switched off because we have reached a data limit
Khallo2 that sounds like the kind of usage we would be doing. Freddo do you know for sure that they do that or is it what normally happens. I dont have much more than 0.75mbps myself at the moment and its capable of driving the devices they use.


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Seals will have dried out then and will leak again

Fred I just sent you a pm. Bee

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Thank you I’ll look at that

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