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By Beardyboy
Good morning everyone.
Hopefully by tomorrow, the rain will have abated, the sun will be out and the sky back to it’s true blue colour.
Meanwhile, another dull day ahead of us.
Easter Monday normally means that most or all shops will be closed but is this the case here in Torrevieja? As the shops were closed on Good Friday, could they possibly reopen today? I imagine that everyone else is as fed up being indoors as I am. If I thought the shops were open in a Habaneras or Zenia Boulevard, I would look forward to a few hours away from the tv.
By Beardyboy
Thanks Bee,
That is great news. The rain seems to be easing somewhat but regardless, I plan to get out and about today.
Can you believe that hat the weather at home is idyllic? Hot and summery. My sister was down on the North coast staying and said it was beautiful! Well, they seem to have gotten hold of our gorgeous weather...good luck to them, they deserve it. London was also fabulous , my daughter FaceTimed us, they had guests in their back garden for lunch and the children were all having fun in the inflatable pool while the others relaxed in the sun enjoying food and drink while we all hid indoors watching the rain pour out of the heavens.
I think the heavens were weeping for the people who had been attacked and murdered in Sri Lanka ...another dreadful massacre and the death toll continues to rise. My heart bleeds for all of them. The people who carried out this atrocity should bow their heads in shame and beg for forgiveness.

Hope you had a happy Easter .
By Info
Yes weather here at home is truly remarkable. Poor Torrevieja looks very miserable. Doesn't matter where you are a wet seaside town looks sad the world over. We are heading over for a week so fingers crossed the gota fria has spent itself. Otherwise we will need to bring a lion tamer! Link for Zenia Boulevard opening hours.

By Adey
It is in these places freddo.

Balearic Islands
Basque Country
Castile-La Mancha
La Rioja
By Beardyboy
Today is Easter Tuesday and the sky is blue.
We drove to Aldi yesterday ( open). Replenished our food cupboard then drove into town. No bother parking on the street. Almost all shops were firmly closed but the farmacia was open and busy. Some shoe shops and a few other shops were open and many people were relaxing at the pavement cafes. We walked to the seafront and noticed a crowd looking over the wall and out to sea so we thought that something must be going on so went to investigate. The excitement....a huge swell in the waves bringing the sea crashing in to shore! Mesmerising but thankfully nothing serious.
It was lovely to be out in the fresh air again.
The rain has passed and with it lessons for the council which no doubt will never be learnt. We passed the usual flood outside shops on the Avenue de Valencia...same as ever, still no drainage. Year after year the roads become impassible leaving the town at a standstill. Where are their engineers? Why aren’t measures being introduced to prevent people’s homes and businesses being badly affected? The mind boggles. Come on Torrevieja , waken up and get the finger out.
By Info
Next Monday 29th is the feast of St Vicente and is a local holiday in Torrevieja and is a puente which means there will be a lot of people visiting so all the large shops have been given permission to open as normal this year. Bee
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