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By Karen Jones
Why won't they play on my tower computer anymore? I put the disc in, the light flashes and I can here a running noise then nothing?
By nettob
Assuming that you haven't muted the sound output on your keyboard then the most likely cause is that your disc reader has failed.

Have you tried opening the disc drawer and cleaning the lens? If this does not do the trick then you need the services of a computer techie.
By faolteam
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:30 pm
Told you .. Probably talking to BIFFI ... :lol: :lol:
Last active .. 10 Apr 2019, 19:05
So what if she is Who Cares :roll:
By Adey
I think the point being, if someone makes the effort to try help you with whatever you have asked, then the least you could do is acknowledge it by responding.
By Karen Jones
Sorry about that. I did reply but sometimes I come off the site before my reply is registered. I have tried playing the DVD I want to look at, on my portable DVD player but nothing. It has xrays on from the hospital. It was ok a year ago when I first looked at it. Husband suggested using the tv DVD player so I will try that. Possibly a different format.
Going off topic some off you may remember I was having a lot of pain with my back. I have always thought out doctors here were very good however it took them eleven months to diagnose a fractured spine! No wonder I was in agony. Thanks everyone
By Karen Jones
Oh what a faff. Now the button has broken on the tower! I didn't have a problem looking at the x ray last year
By freddo
Yes all the files on the hard disk can be transferred to the disk on the laptop if you have enough space
By Info
If you are transferring data Karen it might be best to put it on USB/memory sticks. Of course you wouldn't want to lose them😊

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