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By chrisz
I'm looking for some advice on how to definitively make some repairs to some internal walls.

Most people will probably be familiar with paint and that thin layer of plaster/render (with little bobbles in it) coming away from internal walls. When you touch it, even more comes off.

Every year I use a white filler to try and fill it but the filler never seems to adhere to the wall for longer than about six months. My smoothing process isn't brilliant, nor are my attempts to re-create the bobbles.

So my question is what should I be buying in Leroy Merlin (or other suppliers) to eradicate this problem for good? With spring around the corner I'd really like to have one last attempt to get it right and would appreciate recommendations for the products I should be buying.

Many thanks.
By Deb64
The reason it keeps on coming off is that the wall behind the plaster / gotole (not sure of spelling) is getting damp. You need to find out why the wall is damp and sort that problem first before applying the gotole which you can buy in a spray can in Leroy or buy ready mixed and use a brush by flicking it on the wall or a gotole roller.
By chrisz
Thanks for these suggestions.

I'm pretty sure it's due to internal damp. This has been the first year we've stopped using the gas heater and have had far less condensation than in previous years and for once, no black mould at all anywhere. (previously it formed in corners).

The problem is in the corner of our bedroom, about 1 metre high - then rising for about another 50cm. I've chipped off the surface so many times to re-coat it with filler that I've lost count.

I'll try using a sealant first and then apply filler again to try and get a level surface onto which I can paint.
By Lincoln45
Try a PVA Adhesive. Dilute it with water 1 part adhesive 5 parts water. Apply it to the wall, wait until its just going off, tacky, and then apply the filler.

I can let you have some if you are near the main Carrefour/Habaneras centre.

The plasters use this when skimming over old plaster/walls in the UK. It also acts as a sealer and primer

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