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By Beardyboy
We bring our Sky Box with us when travelling to Spain. We have the full Sky package ...sports, films,catch up etc.,but what we want to know is.....
If we sign up for Netflix here, can we access it on our TV in Spain?
I am just about to arrange it but decided to check with you first!
By Beardyboy
Sky app? How do I do that ? I wish I understood all of these ways and means.
No doubt you will be able to talk me through it and ai will be able to enjoy Netflix.
By Beardyboy
Sorry, should have said, we do not use Sky q as our internet in n.ireland isn’t always brilliant but we have very good internet in Torrevieja..
By Info
Rosemary if you have a smart tv in Spain there should be a netflix app on it so you will be good to go. Do I take it you are signing up for a standalone netflix subscription independent of Sky. Yes Sky Q is getting very mixed reports. I will stay with my Sky HD+ box for now as our broadband speed is dire. Bee
By Beardyboy
Hi Bee,
Sadly, our tv is an ordinary LG but not Smart. Yes, I was going to sign up for it but I am confused as the tv we watch in our tv room at home is a smart Netflix on it? We really are hopeless. I thought you had to sign up and pay monthly for I wrong?

It is quite apparent that help is needed!
By Info
Yes you do need a subscription. But the Netflix Icon will be on your Samsung. Firstly make sure your TV is connected to the internet. Get the remote for the tv and press whatever brings up the menu/guide and all the options should be along the bottom of your tv screen. Then just use the arrow keys to get to Netflix and press select. Try that and see. Also go to the mobile phones and TV section of this forum and you will get lots of help from very knowledgeable posters there. Bee
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