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By bladesboy1
How much is the standard charge for a 3.3 KW supply Please. Looking to purchase soon but have a house to sell here in the UK. Would be leaving the house for long periods till we sell. Suma is only 98 Euros. :D
By strolling_minstrel
It depends. The charge is per Kwh so 3.3 would be 3.3 times the daily rate.
It then depends on what plan you are on such as day/night.
For example, the standard rate is around 12 cents per kwh per day.
3.3 is about 40 cents per day or a 30 day month about 12 euro. Then you have the iVA at 21% to add on top.

You may find that with just 3.3Kw your electric will trip out on a regular basis. 5.75kw is the best power to contract for in the modern house with things like electric ovens, washing machines, aircon and so on.

When we had 3.3 in our apartment, if we had a couple of hobs on and one electric heater then the electrics would trip out if we put the kettle on.

You could bank on about 23 euro a month just for taxes, cost of providing the power, meter rental (all of which you pay whether or not you use any electricity at all) then the cost of the electricity itself.

We have 5.75Kw and use the day/night tariff (cheaper electricity from 11 at night to 12 midday) and our bills are now around 65 euro per month. Of that, less than half is for the actual cost of the electricity we've used.
By Deb64
Dont forget your standing charges for water, some areas it includes the removal of Podas, waste water removal as well. I think my neighbour paid 62e when he wasn't here, he asked me to decipher his bill for him.

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