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By dave c
Hi all,
Can anyone tell me if Bankia charge fees if I make a monthly direct debit - using currencies direct - of 400euros from my UK account into my non resident account?
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As far as I know, if you don't keep €2000 plus euros in the account there will be a maintenance charge for non residents if you have the POR SER TU account. If you have an online account CUENTA ON then there are no fees
By harrodene
Sorry MSG but I get charged about 25€ a quarter and always have over 2000€ in my non residents account.
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I know some people have said that it had changed to having more in the account than €2000 but I had a conversation with my bank in Avenida Habaneras in June and that amount was confirmed
By dave c
I was told at the branch it was a 5000 euro balance you had to keep in your account
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It seems that different branches have different policies then as mine is definitely €2000.
It sounds as if you would be better off using the fee free CUENTA ON online.
I had discussed changing to this but was told that the one I had was still the best fee free one for me
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Just checked my account - I was charged €15 on 7th but then had that credited back the same day and have €2300 in the account.

I do get charged €28 for the debit card and that is not credited but but apparently with the online account CUENTA ON it is.

It is a rip off as I never use it but need to have just in case!
By dave c
looks good smg, will direct debits etc, still come off?
It also says that it will not be free if you don't maintain the digital profile. what does that mean?
By harrodene
With CuentaOn account haven't you got to pay in 450€ a month or pension of 200€ a month to avoid charges so basically paying in 5000€ a year?
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Not that I was advised and I certainly didn't read that in the information
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