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By happyjackseven
Hi '
I have been looking into this account as it is an online/mobile account without commissions .
A member has been helpful, but communications with Bankia are difficult without waiting over an hour to be seen,and am currently in England.
So I did a test on their website to see if I could open an account .It appears that you can only register with a DNI number not an NIE number so I think it is only for residents.

It may be an option for some of you
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It's for non residents as well as I considered opening one.
I think you have to open it in the branch though as I couldn't do it online.
You could ask their online chat if you're in the uk
By SenorHillsy
We have an account with Bankia and are non-residents. We had a deal where we only paid for our ATM cards each year as long as we keep a balance of 2,000€. Without telling us they increased the minimum balance to 5,000€ and so began charging us!

We visited the branch and complained and they offered us the free Cuenta On account. We just use the account to pay the usual household bills and rarely withdraw cash. Obviously we agreed as you can still have direct debits and bank on line. When we starting the process to open an account they wanted to see our P60s to provide our National Insurance numbers from the UK - all to do with money laundering. Not something I usually carry in Spain so had to wait until our visit the following month to complete the opening where they charged us 8.80€ to transfer all our money from the original account to the new one!

Only had it since July so can't tell yet if they are as good as their word. Only time will tell!
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I have an account with Bankia and you are the second person to say the amount was increased to €5000 instead of the previous €2000.

I was in my bank in Av..Habaneras in June as I was considering changing to Cuenta On but was advised that the account I had was the best for me as long as I retained €2000.

Hoping there's not going to be a change to that as I found that I couldn't change to Cuenta On online which is the reason I went into the branch..
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