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By Moose
We have a Spanish family living in our community whose teenage daughter is bringing between 10 to 20 school friends into the community pool and causing mayhem, is there anything we as a community can do about this ie limit the number of friends she can bring in. tia
By old boy
Moose wrote:
Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:47 am
Have done that he say's nothing can be done !!! just wondering if something can be done.

It will all depend on your community rules, and whether any restrictions are written in to them. If none, then put a request forward that it is placed on the agenda of the next community AGM, or, if enough members of the community are annoyed sufficiently about the situation, call for an EGM to discuss it.

By the way, did the president ask the communty's administrators if there was something that could be done?
By Info
I sympathise with you with the problem you are having. As old boy says it is the community that have to agree the rules of the use of the swimming pool. The Administrator is incorrect in saying nothing can be done. Communities publish their own rules and regulations regarding the use of the community pool. We have a about a 4ft by 4ft sign on ours governing the use of the pool. Generally its opening times and closing times and not bringing in food or drink or using air beds or footballs or not being allowed to wear t-shirts in the pool etc. One would have thought it would be common sense that you wouldn't bring in half the street to use the pool as if it was your own private pool. It will take time to sort it out if the family of the teenager is not going to cooperate with the community. First a motion to the AGM and that takes a year until the next AGM or an EGM if enough of the community are annoyed by it. Make sure the wording of the motion put to the meeting is worded in a fashion which doesn't leave it open to a different interpretation by everyone. Nobody minds people bringing in occasional guests but if occasional can be interpreted as the whole summer then you are back to square one. I am sure if people are abusing the pool they can be banned under safety and insurance concerns. I wonder what is the insurance position?

By old boy
Info wrote:
Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:35 pm
or not being allowed to wear t-shirts in the pool etc.


Slightly off topic, but that's a peculiar one. OK, you don't want to have wet t-shirt competitions, but when my children were younger, my wife and I always insisted that they wore a t-shirt because they spent so much time in the pool, and the covering was to protect them against getting sun/heat burnt.
By torrytel
As has been said, it's all down to the Community rules. Our son lives on his own, but is allowed to bring 5 guests, and that is stated in the rules and on his pass for the pool.
By Kinchy
AS torrytel says it all depends on what is written into the Community rules governing the use of the Community pool.
If the original poster could check their Community rules and there is nothing in them regarding this matter then, if the OP and 25% of owners can get together to force the President to call an EGM for the matter to be voted upon.
If the vote including proxy votes goes for a limit on the number of persons that can be brought into the pool and the offending owner ignores the vote then the President has the legal obligation to bring the matter to the attention of the offending owner and if it is then ignored then he/she has the right to involve either the Local or Guardia Civil.
Community rules once adopted at a legally constituted AGM or EGM and written into the Libro de Actas are then classed as bye laws and the Police have a duty to act.
By Armani
When the pool gets really busy with low life’s and you want some space I find that nothing works better than a plastic turd floating on the surface.
By Moose
Armani wrote:
Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:55 pm
When the pool gets really busy with low life’s and you want some space I find that nothing works better than a plastic turd floating on the surface.
Sorry to say we have already had the pool closed this year due to a real one, Last year it was closed either 3 or 4 times due to the same we have now put a notice informing parents to ensure children have proper swimming nappies on whether this will make a difference who know's.
By jimny1
Armani wrote:
Thu Jul 05, 2018 3:12 pm
How did you know it was a child poo?


A plastic floater might just do the trick
From what i remember if it looked like chicken korma and smelt like cabbage then possibly correct
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