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By Jimbo1916
Exactly Burrabba .... It`s all `rumours`anyway.

I`m not sure how people have access to the company financial records to state that `It immediately cut the Playa Flamenca turnover considerably` .. because every time I`ve been in there it seems just as busy. :D

Maybe `Poppy`evans can pop in and find out . :D
By Jimbo1916
Deb64 wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:23 pm
I live in playa Flamenca and used to shop in the original mercadona but once they opened the la Zenia one along with Lidl I now do my main shopping there. I still go to the P.F one on a Tuesday as I also put the lottery on.
The route from one to another that Jimbo has put on is the long way round that you would use a car, the quickest route walking is using the cycle path from costa cars. 10mins walking.
The Mercadona in Los Balcones is only a 15 walk from our house .. but we still do our main shopping at the one in Playa Flamenca, .. which is more than a 15 walk to the one opposite the Boulevard. :D

You`ve also got two Lidl`s `down the road `from each other. :D
By Adey
Burrababa wrote:
Sat Jun 30, 2018 4:01 am
Let's look at this pragmatically
I think the point that Jimbo is making is that the new Mercadona is not really close enough to the Playa Flamenca one to drastically affect its takings and cause it to close --

I am sure the owners did their research before they invested their money in a new store---there are obviously other factors at play here and the cumulative effect were not foreseen-----but who knows----with the new houses next door --maybe they won't have to close after all :wink:
Or just maybe!! Mercadona own the whole building and accepted an offer they couldn't refuse, the people building the houses next door would probably be very happy to double their plot size.
By Jimbo1916
` In the last few days I have heard 3 or 4 different rumours about mercadona playa flamenca shutting down completely or even expanding `

So which is .....closing down or expanding .... Big difference wouldn`t you say. :D

Well I`ve heard that they are going expand because they are doing so well ... in spite of another Mercadona. `just down the road` :lol: :lol:
By Adey
I can't see them expanding the Playa Flamenca store because there is no room on either side of the building, but they are in the process of revamping their stores, they have just revamped the store at Almoradi, which entails shutting it down for a week to 10 days.
By Simonipswich
I can see how they would have objected to the La Zenia shopping mall being built and no doubt it probably has affected their business. But the planners would not have used this excuse to not allowing planning permission. Look at the facts: PF - one supermarket and several smaller units against what? Dozens of new shops, a big superstore, massive parking etc and the creation of hundreds of jobs.

As for Mercadona, why open one near the shopping mall next to Lidl? We are at La Zenia, when we first came there, we used the Mercadona at PF; then Consum opened and we used that as it was "down the road" (pardon the pun!) and then when the new Mercadona opened, we used both along with Lidl for a while, but now chose to do the main shop in Alcampo and a top up shop using Consum.
By Jimbo1916
When we lived in the UK, we did all out shopping in Tescos and sometimes did a bit in M& S.

Since moving here we do a bit in Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl and Iceland. !

We find that, unlike Tescos, we can`t get all our shopping in just one store :D
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