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By cyclemad
Good food, mainly English, and variety, including a full chalkboard of puddings, will not break the bank. Lovely setting in a big conservatory overlooking the campo. Sometimes with light entertainment whilst dining. The wine comes in carafes so everyone can have something different.
By soapydave
CONSERVATORY VERY HOT! had better value and food quality and service for the €14.95 menu del dia, couldn't say about the al la carte,
but that is solely my opinion, try it and see,it might be to your taste, :)
By nettob
Obviously you cannot please all of the people all of the time but La Cosheca is generally reckoned to be one of the best local restaurants. It gets very busy, a good sign of it's reputation, so you need to book a table in advance.
I have been there many times both for general dining and for special occasions, there were 16 of us for my last birthday and everyone said afterwards that they had had a totally good evening. Please give it a try. The menu folder contains details of the Menu del Dia/Noche and a la Carte. Any problems there, just talk to the very helpgul & friendly staff.
By nettob
That is so unlike La Cosheca to serve dodgy food. In any restaurant ALWAYS bring a problem to the attention of the waiting staff. I know that the staff at La Cosheca would have taken your Prawn Cocktail away and replaced it with a satisfactory item without quibble
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