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By cyclemad
We have been residents in Torrevieja for more than 5 years but our green residencia cards show our previous address.

We want to update the address and get our more than 5 years residencia confirmed at the same time.

Where do we take our completed Modelo EX-18s please? There seems to be two extranjeros offices, one in the main Ayuntamiento building near the church square and the other in C/Arquitecto Larramendi off Ave de Habaneras.
By Info
Karen here is a link to Spanish Citizens Advice about renewing or changing address. They provide a link to the application form and the payment form. I think once you inform the authorities of your new address then that triggers the domino effect and your change of address will be notified to all government agencies like your car tax, drivers licence, hacienda etc. ... tificates/ Bee

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