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By jimny1
If you got them from the chinese then no explanation needed
I stupidly bought some replacement windscreen wipers from there a few months ago, i used them once for a few minutes when raining and the rubber blades peeled off, false economy
Bought the next from norauto , slightly dearer than the chino, around 5 euros each if you buy their own brand , other brands about 13 euros per blade, and touch wood no problems
By Adey
marylou wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:27 pm
Cannot be moths as always in the same place !!!!
I have to agree with you because I have the same problem, although all mine are M & S so no problem quality wise.
By Deb64
I have just been hanging two of husbands t shirts and one of mine and all three had small holes at the front. I was wondering if the washing machine is causing it when it draws the water out through the holes in the drum and the force of the spin.
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