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By Bill Posters
Hi everyone, a British friend, who rents her small villa here to cover costs, sends me an email. Can anyone suggest a way of her acquiring a licence? Cheers, Bill

Have you heard of this tourism licence? Trip adviser who I advertise through keep asking for it
By Info
This topic has already been covered on the Forum if you look down the first page you will find it. Here is a great link with the form translated so just print off a copy fill it in yourself and either take it to the address in Alicante city or do it through the Post Office. ... -community Bee

A couple of things I see on the comments section of the website above
You can send your application from the UK by post to the office in Alicante just make sure you have attached a copy of your passport. Also if you don't have the habitation cert to hand to attach it you simply declare on the form that you have one .

It is up to yourself to decide the category your accommodation falls under
Make sure you include your NIF number on the I.D Reference section

In answer to the question about reporting to the police names and passports of the guests?
the reply is:
"yes, you have to register with the Guardia Civil, they will give you a number and log in details to their website Hospederias Civil and a registration form which you photocopy, when any client over 16 yrs stays they must complete the form, you must take a photocopy of their ID and then register them on the website, you have to keep all the registration forms in a folder, that they check periodically, if you havent done it, and they come for the check, you will get a hefty fine"

Also in order to get the log in details from the Guardia Civil you have to present yourself in person with your NIF Cert to verify who you are.

This is a link to the licence of First Occupation ... occupation i think from memory they cost about €400 but freddo on here can give more advice on this.
By ic
For every guest over 16 you have to register every one of them, every time they stay, with the local police station? In practice, does anyone here do that?
By freddo
Bill Posters wrote:
Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:41 pm
Hi everyone, a British friend, who rents her small villa here to cover costs, sends me an email. Can anyone suggest a way of her acquiring a licence? Cheers, Bill

Have you heard of this tourism licence? Trip adviser who I advertise through keep asking for it
What does the current legislation require?
If you are in the holiday rental business, whether you rent, manage and/or own properties for holiday lets, you will most likely have heard that these properties are known as "Viviendas con Fines Turísticos" and require a tourism license. Part of the licensing obligations mean that you need to send guest ID data to the police within 24 hours of the guest arriving to the holiday property. In addition, you are required to get each guest to sign a "parte de viajero" or guest check-in registration form, which you need to keep in a book or file for each property for the next 3 years. If you require specific information about the law, please email us
By Info
Fred in order to use the checkin scan facility do you still have to register with the Guardia Civil (in the case of Torrevieja)in order to use the app or do you just use your tourism registration no? It says 50c per guest to register their details and its pay as you go. It seems to be worth the money as you can scan the passport, the signature and name and it also creates the record book. They say they will apply for the tourism license for you but only Andalucia comes up. Bee
By freddo
Bee you still have to attend the Town Hall and get the licence then attend the police station to get a registration number but only the once, after that just use the app or let your agent or even the client use the app on their phones to register at 50 p it's is well worth the money and if you recommend anyone you get 10 free scans
By Info
Thanks for clearing that up Fred. Well done to them for coming up with the app. It certainly makes life simpler. Bee
By Bill Posters
I might be a little thick but it appears to me that the owner has to personally visit the town hall and guardia to initiate the service. Few can disrupt their life in the UK to come here and sort it. Can it be done via a representative.
By Bill Posters
My friend (in the UK) email:

Thanks Bill,
There seems to be a lot of rules and regulations.
Apparently I have to have aircon in every room lots of house rules etc after apply for license a architect/surveyor has to come to the property and take photos.
It seems like a night mare
By freddo
Not correct after you have or your agent/representative has been to the Police station for the registration number you may get a visit from someone from the town hall to check your property conforms to the regulations so make sure you have the plaque on the door
It could be a good few months after or not at all
By Info
I didn't see anything too onerous in the regulations for the Valencian region. It depends on what category you select for your property as to what it should contain. If you select superior then its aircon in all rooms and a dishwasher etc. If you read the form attached to the registration form it sets out the services ecpected for the different categories. Bee
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