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By Info
As an update: page 6 of the attached pdf link gives you the template of colour and sizes for what your plaque outside your property should look like. On the top will be your VT - vivienda touristica - with your VT number. In the middle the logo with the keys and house this is the official logo for a vivienda touristica and you must also have the communidad valenciana logo on the bottom. ... _cotes.pdf

By soapydave
is the licence needed for anyone that lets there property,for holiday lets2weeks or so, or long term 6months plus?is this nationwide now or just particular areas?
thanks for replys.
By Info
Soapydave as I read it if you advertise your property publicly on a website or with an agent then you have to go through the licence process as your licence number must be displayed on your property add. If you are just letting it by word of mouth to family and friends then you wouldn't need a licence, although once money changes hands you are officially supposed to pay tax on it. If you let it as a seasonal let to one family for the season then you wouldn't need a licence. It is a country-wide law with slight variations in each Autonomous Community.

By freddo
With a Seasonal letting contract you can specify the exact rental period but it has to be over 4 months and then you do not need a licence, if you rent to family and friends and there is no financial transfer you will not need a licence but if they pay even 1 euro you need a licence

Really if you are going to rent out a property it is better to get a licence it's free
By Info
The regulations say the plaque should be placed in a prominent and visible place outside the front door. The bloody things seem to be so big it would be hard to miss them anyway. The measurements seem to be about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Bee

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