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By Manc-Mark
Can someone guide me to where I can get a Prostate test done, I've seen around a free test advertised for this but can't recall where?


By schuman
Last year they were doing them at the Quiron private hospital in Torrevieja but I'm not sure if they are doing them now. They were advertising in some of the local free press and I think Help Vega Baja were also involved. Perhaps you could contact them to see if it's still available.
By happyhotspur
Just go to your local doctor and ask It saved my life believe me. A routine blood test when I signed on at my doctors resulting within six months of a DRE, Ultrasound, MRI and full prostactomy and my life.
A DRE in the UK four months previously found nothing and i truly believe if I was still living in the UK rather than moving here I would be dead
Just go to your local medical centre and insist on a PSA test you never know

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