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Just received a letter from Iberdrola which states that prices will remain fixed until 31/03/21 with a 5% discount etc.
I am not sure what these two items refer to:
Termino de potencia - 47,367548 €/KW año - my usage for the year?- doesn't appear on the bills as it might in the UK
Termino de energia - 0.174803 €/KW - at present it is 0.155303 so an increase here I'm assuming?
I have also just noticed something which appears on all bills but don't have a clue what it might be: Servicio Urgencias Electricas. I understand what it translates to but not why it is an urgent service every month?
I'd be grateful to get any confirmation of the above. Thanks in advance
By Rick
Just check you are not paying an additional monthly premium for the electrical fault cover. They tricked me into taking this out even though I did not want it. Got it refunded after I threatened to report them for mis-selling.
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Rick - this has been on every one of my bills since the beginning at around €1.97 per month. Not something I requested and is on the bill below the section for equipment rental. I only just noticed it as I generally look at the consumption figures only.

Is this not something I have to have?
By Lincoln45
No you don't have to have it. Basically its just an insurance if you have an electrical problem in your home. Bit like having breakdown cover for the car. Its on their website
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Thanks. It'll be interesting to find out what it covers me for and if I cancel it, what it would cost for someone to do a repair if necessary.

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