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By Mrs Nelson
Howdy guys,

I’m in the process of importing my uk car,

I Had to take a dremmel to the rear cluster on one side to remove the red lens for the fog light, the reverse light is obviously a similar lens.

So will I get away with putting a red lamp in the reverse cluster or dropping some red paint in , and just having a bare bulb on what was the fog light side.


By old boy
How do you intend to make the "new" fog light, which for a car in Spain should be on the left hand side, work? Unless, of course, you intend to spend your time in reverse in foggy weather?

There is a strong possibility that the ITV examiner will require you have you rewire the rear lights so that they operate properly, and that may require you fitting replacement light clusters and extending the respective live wires from the fog and reversing lights over.

The ITV staff often take a 'it's more than my job's worth' attitude to these matters. They fear that if they approve something one year, that another examiner will make a formal complaint about that something the next year when it goes in for it's next test. I had a similar problem when I tried to get my car through to put it on Spanish plates, over the headlamps. The dealers had fitted new glass lenses which they claimed met the ITV requirements, but the ITV station refused to pass the car. The dealers' manager then personally took the car up to the ITV station and had a very animated discussion with the ITV manager who admitted that it was probably not a problem, but he was concerned that another examiner may take a different view and make a formal complaint to their bosses to the effect that the car should have never been given an ITV.

It cost a fortune to get the car through, but the only reason I did it was because it was a classic. I cannot see the point otherwise. In fact, there used to be a couple of guys that I knew who imported cars from, mainly, Belgium and Germany because they could pick them up for peanuts there, and nothing was needed, apart from the paperwork and a straightforward ITV, to put them on Spanish plates.
By Mrs Nelson
Sorry OB, I took it for granted that you realized I spliced in to the main loom and have interchanged the fog and reversing light wiring.

The rear cluster on the left of the car has a white lens, which currently has a bulb with red tape on it, this comes on when I engage the fog lights,

The cluster on the right, which once had a red lens in it now has no lens and is clear, there is no refraction or diffusion device, you can see the element of the bulb,this light comes on when I engage reverse gear. I could easily retrofit something here as I dremmeled this side considerably , the other side has not been touched and I reckon that I could easily paint the back of the lens with some red paint that matches the color of the lens I removed, Obviously only if It will pass the ITV like this.

By old boy
I'm not an examiner, but, at a guess, I don't believe that they would accept that. And, by the way, is the new fog lamp with the red tape a 21 watt bulb?

It does need to be borne in mind that the examination for importing a car and changing it on to Spanish plates is considerably more strict than an ordinary ITV. As I wrote before, they wouldn't pass my car even though the dipped beam deflected more than sufficiently to the right. It was because the Spanish require the dipped beam to have a little peak of light on the extreme top right hand side which is supposed to illuminate road traffic signs, and the brand new glass lenses fitted by the dealers didn't produce that little peak.

As Lincoln45 says, why not try to get the two clusters from a breakers? Oh, and what have you done about the headlamps?
By Mrs Nelson
Hi guys

I’m not using the car at the moment, I just wrapped a bit of red tape around the lamp to check the effect, the reversing light lamp and the fog light lamp are the same bulb I think. 21 w.

the indicators use an amber lamp, and have a clear lens, this might be an issue as the European version has orange sections, but will see.

Yes I could buy new clusters, but I had a few hours today to mess about so why not, the clusters will go in the bin either way.

I have a feeling that the front lamps can be adjusted on both axis, if not I can get them for 60 quid a pop on amazon, so it’s no big deal.


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