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By soapydave
in spain many a time you see folks out for a meal, exceeding there alcohol limit when driving,
was out for a meal table next to us ,2 persons both down a bottle of wine each with there meal plus a brandy with there coffee and jump in there car to drive home?
surely they must have been over the limit,
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By bladesboy1
When I lived and worked in Mallorca I saw one man drink a bottle of whisky and got into his car. He did not get far as he crossed over the road and crashed into two cars approx. 100mtrs away from the bar .
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By Wendy
I would have and have done before, phoned the police and reported it.
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By Jimbo1916
I`m not condoning the culture here but a couple of brandies in the UK are a bit different then a couple here.

People will always chance it.

The Spanish and some Brits drive like they`re p*ssed anyway, even when they are sober. :D
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By Jimbo1916
pete evans wrote:
Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:50 pm
The problem isnt the Police, its the damage people can do to other people. If any driver over the limit hurts any of my family I would seek serious revenge.
And what about anyone speeding or driving dangerously.

Same thing.

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