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By freddo
Yes you can import a UK van legally but there are plenty of Spanish vans for sale in Auctions where Leasing companies sell them off .Look on the Hire companies websites for vans for sale
By Info
Kev take advice before you decide on a do-it-yourself campervan which is what you are proposing. You will also have to pay duty in Spain once you change the vehicle from an ordinary van to a campervan. Remember water tanks for both fresh and waste water weigh a lot as does kitting the van out with plywood and insulation for walls. The EU rules and regulations have changed for conversions and you now have to have certs for everything and minimum height levels. Where you will come undone if you change anything is when you go for your annual Commercial Vehicle Cert. Also weight will be important as you would have to keep within a certain weight limit before you would need a different category licence. If you are importing a commercial vehicle you will normally have to have a VAT No to show in the UK as the import duty is only about €140 for commercial vehicles.
Have a chat with these people as they are importing for people all the time ... &Itemid=88
Kev doing another bit of searching it doesn't look good according to citizens advice
As a general rule, commercial vehicles, vans trucks and motorhomes which are right hand drive, cannot be put onto Spanish plates. Saying this, do talk with a good gestoria de automoviles as there may be exceptions depending on type. In general if motorhomes are factory built and registered new as a camper then RHD or LHD should make no difference. Anything that was converted outside of Spain is not possible to re-matriculate. There are workshops that can certify conversions but not on a RHD commercial, only on LHD. ... d-vehicle/
By Info
As a for instance we had a professional conversion done on a 2014 Long-wheel high roof Ducato recently which came in at €14,000. All paperwork and certs to show it meets all required standards. To clarify that is just the conversion doesn't include the initial cost of the van.

By soapydave
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Tue Jan 02, 2018 2:56 pm

Would I need to buy a van with factory windows behind the front seats then?

Can you import a normal uk van here at all ?
2 seater car derived small van RHD with no rear windows behind the driver or passenger NO, unless they,ve changed the law since may2016, as I tried and explored all avenues.
a larger panel van soley for commercial use ,I don't know.
By freddo
A lot depends on which ITV station you use as there is no specific law it is down to the engineer that you go to best one is up in Denia but the ITV in Redovan is ok
Best to contact CHRIS ON 966731763 HE KNOWS THE CORRECT WY TO DO IT
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