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This has come up in my Twitter feed within the last 30 mins from a post on another forum.


Need to hire a car with a driver for NYE ?

Do you need to hire a car with a driver for NYE tonight? Excellent rates. Professional driver. Luxury car. Thanks Lee


The stupid idiot also posted a picture of his car as well which is an English registered (reg no. DK60 WXH) Black BMW 320d.
This type of service goes on a lot in Ibiza, vip or concierge or whatever you want to call it, it can’t actially be compared to a conventional cab ride but is as illegal as your conventional fifty quid airport pickup all the same.

You book a driver, he picks you up at home and takes you to your restaurant of choice and waits around for you, takes you to a club, waits hours or minutes and drives you home or to another club, as I said it’s illegal but I doubt a single taxi driver would offer the same service, and thus on this occasion this person is hurting nobody..

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