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By cameron
It seems that Valencia are looking at banning the celebrations for fear of upsetting the Muslims. I always thought these parades were a great attraction to the tourists so another income being discarded.
By Info
I doubt very much that the Moors and Christians Festivals participants see themselves as either Christian lovers or Muslim haters. Surely it is a very colourful historical pageant and acted out in that spirit with no malice on either side. just good fun and a chance for people to become involved. Perhaps the 3 wise men parade should be banned as it could be seen as a mysognistic affront to women. While we are at it I would also ban St James's Day on 25th July and close down Santiago de Compostello and the Pilgrims Way as we might be upsetting some Jewish people. Save us all from the killjoys. Do you think it was an April Fools spoof i.e. Dia de los inocentes on 28th Dec

By Beardyboy
Like you, I detest the happy holiday greeting but correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the word holiday derived from HOLY DAY which was the only time off work given to people in the past ...indeed, as it is in Spain today when there is a holy day in the Christian calender and everyone is allowed a Holy Day / holiday...we call them Red Days.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I wish all of you a very happy,healthy and prosperous New Year.
P.S. as for putting a stop to the Moors and Christian celebration, such utter madness...this is history, like it or not and I for one like it. Some folk are going too far with their political correctness and would need to wise up!
By Beardyboy
The 28th December is the FEAST OF THE INNOCENTS which commemorates the massacre of all the baby boy’s when King Herod was searching to kill the baby Jesus. Weirdly, that is the date that a town in Spain celebrates their April Fool’s day. Perhaps their thinking was that God fooled Herod by sending Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt to hide until the death of King Herod.
By Beardyboy
Very interesting indeed.
I had a quick look in Google and it is recognised that 28th December is know as the Feast of the Innocents or Childermas. There is no reference of the
“ April Fools day “but I have read about this so perhaps your theory is possible.
This forum is wonderful ! I really enjoy all the posts and yours in particular are always of interest. Thank you. Rosemary.

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