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By TVTechnology
Notice a few spiritual types offering their services locally.

I will concede to being a little sceptical - until proven clearly, I remain objective.

Few female friends went of to see one locally - First thing they did is come up with 2 random names (do you know these people?) - guess what they were the top 2 on the friends list of the person who contacted the medium through facebook.

Secondly, the medium offered sympathy to one of the ladies, whose father had recently passed away. It is the first post on her facebook page, which can be accessed easily as her and her friend that booked don't have the securtity settings in place.

To me, it would seem the 'Medium' has spent more time researching facebook than speaking to the other side - BUT THEY WON'T BELIEVE ME!! Took me two minutes to find the information the medium repeated.

I am not suggesting that all mediums are phony - but clearly you do have to be a little aware as people will take money off you and spout any old baloney.
By soapydave
everything happens for a reason, and if things happen as you expect or predict, is that good planning or good fortune?or something else? :wink: :wink:
I always remember working on one job,and this particular elderly resident told me she was a medium, then proceeded to ask me when I would be visiting again to carry out work
as it was a monthly contract , I said you tell me your the fortune teller, :lol: :lol:
By Tazzle
This is a true story.

A very well known TV 'medium' has (or at least had) a holiday villa in Catral. I'll call him Derek A. He asked a Spanish friend of ours, I'll call him José, to quote for some gardening work, and Mrs Tazzle acted as translator. During their conversation José mentioned that he'd suffered a brain tumour and, although now in remission, he was naturally concerned that the cancer could return.

A few days later José returned and Mrs Tazzle was again in attendance. During the meeting Derek A announced that he had been contacted by José's deceased grandmother, who asked him to assure José that he was completely free of the cancer and it wouldn't return.

Less than six months later José was diagnosed with another brain tumour!

(This was successfully treated and José is now in remission)
By Tazzle
This happened a few years ago and he didn't live there permanently. Don't know where he lives, but thought it relevant in a thread about 'fake mediums.'

Also, if anyone bumps into him, they might bear in mind this disgraceful tale before falling for any of his bullshit. I'm told some people actually pay money to hear it!
By Linkwater
"A few days later José returned and Mrs Tazzle was again in attendance. During the meeting Derek A announced that he had been contacted by José's deceased grandmother, who asked him to assure José that he was completely free of the cancer and it wouldn't return."

Jose's Grandmother was probably a rubbish Cancer Specialist when she was alive......
By Jimbo1916
My wife and I went to see a spiritualist in Torrevieja.

We were all sitting round the table holding hands when she started laughing.

My wife got up and slapped her round the face.

I said `Why did you do that ? `

She said ..`I like to strike a happy medium `
By Eve07
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:41 am
You have two angels standing behind you, they are quite old,

Like everyone over fifty didn’t have grandparents at one point.

Has there been a birth or a death in the family lately ? Durr

It's just another form of entertainment like singing (or drag) :lol:

There was a thread here some time ago about mediums / psychics and someone wrote an informed piece on how they work. As far as I remember there were many ways of getting information from audience members. I don't remember all but one was having staff in the foyer of theatres where they perform chatting to the audience in advance of the show and relaying information to the phychic / medium through his or her earpiece while on stage.
By daveym
Wife went to medium when she was 18. Told her she would be involved in a fatal car crash and the car would be red, so avoid red cars!

Five year later she was travelling back to Germany in a blue Ford Cortina with a couple of mates of of mine. They crashed just outside Lille with both mates being killed but she was Ok after a weeks stay in Hospital.

Car was brought back to camp where the RSM thought it would be good therapy to have me strip the car for parts etc!

Turns out the car was originally red but had been resprayed blue.

What's the odds?
By gardner8
They are just like magicians. Some are very good and we can't see how they do it whilst others are 2nd rate, but it's still all a trick.
By TVTechnology
they provide help and comfort where they can...for no reward at all!
hmm - how is lying to people and giving them fake news helpful.

Often people only approach mediums in the first place as believe they are the only way they can speak to the deceased - if it is a pack of lies, then this is not right.

No reward at all ?? This is the biggest con of all. Many DO charge & those that don't will always suggest a purely voluntary donation, which you feel obliged to give as they will have given you some form of hope to return to give them some more information and so it goes on.

These are ordinary folk, from ordinary backgrounds, many elderly...who are prepared to humiliate themselves, for no personal gain...because they truly believe they have the gift and can provide help, comfort and reassurance that life does not end with death of the physical body.
That's your opinion.

Mine is, if you have a gift, then you know it

If not your a con person or a bullshitter or just a deluded imbecile, in which case you should not be speaking to anyone.

Perhaps people should try counselling, bereavement or otherwise. Ironically I've seen a few people whose heads are not in a good place in terms of dealing with lost partners & they have gone to mediums, who have dragged out bereavement and stopped people moving on with their lives - who qualifies them to mess with people's heads. :?:
By Tazzle
I don't suppose TV tech has any particular experience or knowledge of mythology either. But he wouldn't need any to know that that's all nonsense as well!
By Tazzle
Well, frankly John, if you don't understand the point I make, I'm not surprised you're the kind of gullible individual who falls for this nonsense.

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