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By soapydave
as everyone left?
hope not,
always gleamed plenty helpful info off here, :) :)
is it turkey sandwiches today ,
turkey curry tomorrow
turkey soup Friday
:lol: :lol:
By harrodene
Very sad as agree was brilliant place for info then about 18-24 months it went very quiet , never did work out the reason .it there another free forum out there?
By mrmedia
For the uninitiated, FB is indeed a challenge. The answer is to create a one off account using a dummy picture and creating a junk gmail account for the purpose.
When you go onto FB, don’t try to make friends or accept friend requests. Simply use the account to browse related content.

But that is why there is less traffic on this site.
By TVTechnology
Facebook is not subject to hacking. No more or less than your email or anything else online.

Issue most people have is they don't set there security settings, if you set up correctly, you can make access to only friends you have invited / know and same goes for pictures or anything else deemed private.

Most join facebook, don't apply settings correctly, then - usual.

Facebook groups are the 'new forums' I belong to a few specialist ones - a car club one, there's also one for the Guardia/N332 (useful for asking rules and regs).

There are also plenty of individual groups relating to specific areas, for those not in Torre!

I think one of the forum members has already figured this out and put up their own Torre FB page, though it's not for me to promote or recommend on this forum, no doubt people will find for themselves.
By soapydave
Well you,ve just contradicted yourself on the Fake Medium thread, as I said people can gleam info from you on F.B. that's why I aint on it,and now your saying they cant..........
or have I miss understood you? :?
By Jimbo1916
People are much friendlier on Facebook.

Although you can get abuse on there just as you can on forums ... all you need to do is block them and they are out of your lives ..... forever. Unless you bump into them walking round La Florida that is. :D

You can pick and choose who you wish to talk to on Facebook, whereas on a forum it´s difficult.

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