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By reagan
I was talking to one of the young ladies in our chemist and saying about my wife struggling to do the things she used to do ,and she said the town hall can send someone to help and she said it was free ?
By cameron
My friend who is disabled after having 7 vertebrae removed after 10 years of chemo finally gets a home help for 90 mins a week. Took her over a year of producing g every document you can think of
By daveym
Hep at Home Costa Blanca. Office at Cabo Roig and Playa Flamenca.

Facebook link.

They provide home support for all ages and nationalities but not personal care.
They also assist people to apply for Spanish system support but as mentioned it will take many many months.

I also run a Facebook group for people who require advice and guidance re social care concerns. Feel free to join.
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