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By Info
I see the Mayor is getting flack over the lamentable state of the figurines in the crib in Plaza Constitucion. Some of them are missing their heads and others have an arm missing and hands missing. I recall last year the Town Hall decided not to use the usual company to erect the crib and then found that some of it was missing. It took quite a while to locate it. Poor baby Jesus life was hard enough on him without people mislaying him accidently or on purpose. Pity they don't give the crib a facelift as it is a very popular attraction.

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By Jimbo1916
Yes, it used to be the case of spot the person doing a number two .... Now it`s a case of spot the person with a missing limb . :roll:
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By soapydave
we live in a multicultural society, were we have to accept people more readily with missing limbs etc, please don't discriminate ! perhaps the mayor is doing his bit! :lol:
By orangepicker
By pure chance I found myself in the Plazza at Algorfa today and the had there Belan on display. I must say that for a village/town it was absolutly superb in both size and quality If any of you are passing and are into that sort of thing it is well worth 10 minutes of your time.Well done Algorfa
By Info
In past years the Town Hall paid a company in Murcia to erect the crib and it was different each year -I suppose you could call it a theme. That is not happening now so I suppose the crib doesn't have the same drawing power as before.


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