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By alan p
Hello Mrs Nelson,
I paid 230e for installation and delivery, It does take around 2 Hours to fit.
I was also told that you had to get a safety certificate but when I asked the store I purchased it from they said I didn’t need one but to make sure I contacted the manufacturer they also told me that I didn’t need one. I also bought the stainless pipe but could have saved a lot just buying the normal stuff. I have had a pellet stove for 2 years now and I’m really happy with it.
Regards Alan.
By brownbread
Never heard of a Safety Certificate before, has anybody had a certificate for a Log Burner no, have had 2 pellet burners over the last 4 years.Must say have stainless steel pipe work don´t go for cheap pipe work, think they are great, cheap to run, depending on what pellets you buy, with the Co Op if you have a account and buy 70 bags within a certain time (ie one pallet ) we will pay 4.05 a bag instead of 4.25, would not buy cheap ones and those from Repsol garage are good.
By freddo
The Ferreteria on CV855 called Miano has a good range in stock and seem a lot cheaper than where the expats go
By alan p
Hello Kev,
I bought mine from Aki’s and dealt with a member of staff called Augusto. He was very helpfull nothing was to much trouble for him. He also speaks very good english which was very helpfull too. Alan. The Model I bought was a Panadero.
By soapydave
when installing wood/pellet burner, you need an outside vent to allow air into the room were said burner is installed,and a carbon monoxide detector fitted in said room .
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