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By Bill Posters
BTW I read somewhere that most fatalities and injuries occur to folk who are hit by falling debris as they exit a building. Best bet, though admittedly it takes courage, stay inside. I believe that since a date I have forgotten, homes built here are built to withstand all but the most severe earthquakes.
By Info
Yes Diario Informacion is reporting it as very noisy but only 2.3 . I think it has to be a 4 before it causes structural damage. Bee
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By TonyHoward
I heard and felt it slightly, in fact 3, within about 5 minutes of each other, the rumble sound was more noticeable, in La Florida - mind you the OH (who's hearing is somewhat debatable, on a good day) heard and felt nothing - so she thought I was barmy. Heard enough little ones now to know what they are.

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